Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

4:51 AM

You can strengthen your relationship, no matter which one it is, by giving a thoughtful gift to your loved and dear ones. When it comes to your girlfriend, you surely want your gift to be unique and well thought.

A good gift will take your relation a long way, and it will deepen the respect, love and affection in the heart of your girlfriend towards you. You hardly need an occasion to give her a gift, but when it comes to her birthday, you feel like gifting her something out of the box.

Often people tend to think about more and more expensive gifts. Rather than focusing on the monetary value of a gift, focus more on the utility, and spend more thought on what gift would she adore.

Many men or boys, might need some ice-breaking into the art of gifting, so below are some gifting ideas which you can try, and eventually your thought process will take up the similar path.

1. Plan a Surprise Party

If you and her have few common friends, then it is one of the best idea to secretly plan a birthday party for her. You can also invite her best friends even if they are not mutual to both of you, and ask them to keep mum about it.

Pick out a place, it could be either yours of hers, or you can even rent a place for a night, and party all night! She will love to see your effort in all this planning, and it will be memorable.

2. Book a Dinner

Does she have a favourite place for having dinner? Has she been talking about any place she would like to have dinner at? Or do you happen to know any new place in town - if yes, then book a table for two, and take her out for a surprise dinner.

You can carry a bouquet or a book of her favourite author as a little present. You can also ask the restaurant or cafe manager to bring a cake, and play the birthday song for your special girl!

3. Plan a Movie Marathon

Bring her favourite cake, order pizza and get lots of dorritos with the dip of her choice! Yes, combine both binge watching and binge eating. Tell her that none of you would be sleeping all night, and watching her favourite movie series back to back, combined with lots of snack munching.

Skip your college or work the other day, or start late, but such fun nights are really worth investing time in. It strengthen your relationship, and is a crazy thing to do! Oh, and if you don’t have Netflix or Voot subscription, worry not. Check out Cyberflix TV for movies and tv series, which gives you a free trial without storing any payment details, for a period of 60 days!

4. Gift her a Dress

Most girls are crazy about filling up their closets. Gifting a dress can be tricky though. If you are planning to surprise her with a dress, then there could be few issues with this. She might not fit into it properly, or she might not like the color, or design.

As a safe play, check with the dress store whether they would exchange the dress if the size is a misfit, or if your girlfriend rejects the dress.

Also, you need not gift her a whole set of dress. There are lots of gift ideas for a closet for elegant styling which you can check out on the provided link, and surely you would be amazed as to how much you can buy.

5. Assorted Basket of Gifts

Believe us, this is the cutest birthday gift you can gift your girlfriend. It is also partially DIY stuff, which she will appreciate even more. You need to get a pretty basket and a gift wrap, and a ribbon!

Now put some delicious chocolates in the basket, and you can also add one or two books. You can put little gifts inside, such a watch, or pendants, or a small soft-toy or key chain. Top this with some pretty flowers, and wrap the gift paper on the top. Now tie the ribbon in a proper know - remember, this has a lot to do with right presentation.

If you can nail the presentation, she will be more than happy, because girls do give attention to external details. Also, a birthday card will be a cherry on the cake!

We hope that the above list is enough to set you up for next 4-5 birthdays. We have also taken care of your budget. If you look carefully at the list above, all of the items can be bought as per your budget, whether low or high.

And remember, the most important thing while giving a gift is how much thought you put into it, and not the tag! Also, it goes without saying, take a small cake with candles - no matter what option you pick from the above list.

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