Different Types of Marketing To Increase Your Product Visibility

Let us imagine a situation. You had gone to a restaurant in Bangalore. Relished the food, and ate to your full. Now, if you want a soft drink, will you ask for a Sprite or any local drink? Let us imagine, your spouse got a small wound while getting off the car. To patch the bruise, you will definitely look for a Band-Aid in your car. How did you get the name? Band-Aid and Sprite are brand names in their specific industry. Are you an entrepreneur having a business and want to make your product more visible? Then read this article about different types of marketing to increase your product visibility.

Well, let us tell you beforehand, that reading and implementing the strategies can help only if they are followed consistently to the T. Now please go through our bundle of marketing to increase your product visibility.

1. Referral Programs

This practice has long been practiced since the earlier times. Word-by-mouth publicity is regarded as the best way of traditional advertising. If you can give a perk with your product, then the buyers will gladly spread the word about your business. For example, take Dropbox. It implemented the referral program of giving extra storage space to existing users for every referral. At the starting stage, it included thousands of loyalists all over the globe by this method.

2. Impressive Guest Content

When blogging started, it was a one-man-show. But now, the program has diversified to backlinks and paid guest posts. You have a business and a website. You have a team which gets free and paid backlinks from reputed websites. Now your company can become more visible. Even the search engine giant, Google pays heed to the links found on reputed websites.

But the content needs proper placement of words and you need to search on the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook for free and paid guest posts. Guest posting is another method of marketing to increase your product visibility in the internet and industry.

3. Infographics

One of the easy methods to educate people regarding your product is by infographics. And the other benefit is that this content gets shared easily in all the platforms. It is considered a great tool for building brand visibility by marketing experts. Ask your marketing team to spend time on an infographic that has the right content. Then, the visibility of your product can increase by leaps and bounds.

4. Free Version

Does your company manufacture products? For example, a software product? Then opt for two versions. The first version is the free one and the second part - Paid. Do you remember the free antivirus software and free antispyware? Bingo! You are right.

Let us imagine a situation. John resides in Pune and has a laptop. He wants to have the best antivirus software to prevent phishing and other related activities. Now, when he searched the internet, he found many websites offering him antivirus software. So, he selected the Free version. He downloaded and installed the program on his laptop. After he scanned the device, the program prompted him to go for the paid version to get the best security features.

You can use the same technique of marketing to increase your product visibility.

5. Local Partnerships

Is your product sold in every part of India? If yes, then establish contact with local vendors. If you have good contact with local vendors, you can introduce the product in seminars or festivals. If you have a large budget, sponsor local competitions or festivals. You can have hoardings or banners displayed around the playground to increase the visibility of your product brand.

6. Car Wraps or Advertisement in Vehicles

Does your product gets delivered to local shops via your own vehicle? Perhaps, a car? Then get the car wrapped for the advertisement. With beautiful designs, your company car can attract attention. It is an organic way of advertising, as the car will not only deliver products but also make the public get familiar with your product. You can also request your company employees to display stickers for your product. There is also another way, distribute shirts containing your company’s logo and product details.

7. Freebies

Everyone loves free gifts! It applies to all parts of the globe. You can put the brand name on pens, books and then give the items at local festivals.

8. Contests in Social Media

Do you have a social media team? Ask them to run contests on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. More the number of responses, the more will your product gain visibility. The brand awareness for your product will increase as a result.

9. Social Focus

Yes, you need to do digital marketing, but trying to spend your money in every platform will be a waste of time. Ask your marketing team to get acquainted with the platforms that best suit the business. If you have a product that can be best advertised on photo specific platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, spend more time on them. If you are in B2B business, then opt for Twitter. Before spending money, invest time on knowing the platforms which target your audience. Do you have a doubt? Spend your time on analytical tools to know the whereabouts of the traffic for your website.

10. Pro StoryTelling

Case studies are another way to attract attention to your product. You can also opt for storytelling to make your product more visible. A short compelling five-minute read story can touch the emotional bond with users and make them go for the CFA. Your stories will then generate revenue.

12. Personality And Name

Have a meeting with the marketing team to decide on the best ways to make the target audience remember your brand. If you can include comedy in the advertising videos or banners, it will make the public remember your product with ease at appropriate situations. In recent times, a well-made ad or video can turn into viral sensations. When they get shared across the web in many platforms, sales can increase in aplenty for your product. This is the best type of marketing to increase your product visibility.

13. Podcasts

Is your product related to a new industry? Then you can make podcasts about your product and industry. This method is a great way of marketing to increase your brand visibility. You can also develop hefty relationships with your business experts.

14. PPC Advertising

The SEO industry is growing every day. In fact, making use of PPC is a great way to make your product visible on Google and the international market. You can do research on keywords, and then opt for special words. Yes, you need to invest some money, but imagine seeing the product at the top of Google Results. By this method, your product will gain more visibility. Do you want to gain more information? Start searching for online videos to gain more information?


There are some methods also to promote your product such as remarketing campaigns, paid social media campaigns and many more. We have focused on only the common types of marketing to increase your product visibility. The same aspects apply to even services. Let us imagine, you have a business catering to doorstep bike repair in Hyderabad. Now, this business has become a success. 

You also want to invest in the next, that is computer service, and source the best experts skilled in laptop repair in Hyderabad. If you have read the article, and implement the techniques, it is only a matter of time before your business occupies the top slot in Search engines for Hyderabad city.
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