The Best Hosting Providers To Host A Website

Are you looking for some good hosting services for your business? Then you are on the right page! Because today I am going to explain you about the top #1 hosting provider of India. Yes HostingRaja is an Indian based hosting provider who also has years of experience in the web hosting Industry. For this reason today HostingRaja is known for providing pre-emptive services in web hosting. Today at HostingRaja they provider wide range of web hosting solution with amazing price with attractive features. I would like to brief some of their best hosting packages with a brief description.

The Premium Corporate plan (Rs.287/month)

This Premium Corporate hosting package from HostingRaja is one of the best-suited plans for business who are looking to have more and better-hosting resources and this plan is liked by a majority of the users.


With Premium Corporate plan users get an unlimited web space.

This plan also provides you with unlimited bandwidths as well as emails.

Along with that users also get free unlimited FTPs as well as unlimited domains.

This plan gives you a free SSL certificate with free Cpanel.

With this plan you also get 3GB RAM with maximum CPU power.

With Premium Corporate plan users get a drag and drop which can be used for building sites and also 24/7 customer support.

Premium SME (Rs.226/month)

So today if you are having a website then this is the best plan for accumulating a high traffic portal.


This plan also provides users with unlimited web space, bandwidth, emails, FTP, unlimited domains.

This plan comes with more than average CPU power.

With Premium SME it has slightly less Ram of 2 GB when compared to the premium plan

It also provides you with the free feature of drag and drop to build websites.

When you buy this plan you get free Get Free .com or .in Domain

You also get free Cpanel free along with it.

The Unlimited plan (Rs.204/month)

This particularly best plan for those websites who is having a medium level of traffic.


Even in this plan it provides the users with an unlimited amount of web space, bandwidth, emails, as well as unlimited domains.

It also allows users to have an unlimited number of accounts at a single time.

Even in this Unlimited plan you will be provided with malware as well as virus-clean software.

The RAM space provided by this plan is 1 GB and it provides with an average CPU power.

Even in here you get free .in domain.

The Gold plan (Rs.161/month)

If you wish to have a small corporate website for your business then HostingRaja's Gold Plan is the best-suited package.


This Gold plan comes with 1500 MB of the web space.

In here it allows you a maximum of 250 emails.

With a Gold plan you can manage a maximum of 5 websites at a single time.

Here you get unlimited FTP and unlimited Sub Domain.

With this plan it provides with a bandwidth of 100 GB.

In here you also get free .in domain and a free drag and drop feature for building up of the website.

Silver plan (Rs.85/month)

This plan is best suitable for small business websites.


In here you get a web space of 700 MB along with a bandwidth of 20 GB.

It allows users to access a maximum of 50 emails.

With Silver plan you get 10 FTP accounts and 5 subdomains.

With this plan you can host only 5 websites.

Starter plan (Rs.65/month)

As the name suggests this plan is specifically for the starters and the starting website.


In Starter plan you get 3000 MB web space.

You also get the bandwidth of 5 GB.

With this plan users can access a maximum of 10 emails.

It provides the users with 2 FTP and 1 subdomain.

It also provides the users with a single complimentary website.

VPS Hosting

HostingRaja also provides fully managed performance tuned VPS (Virtual Private Server) with best in class features, along with amazing offers and discounts which is incomparable to any other hosting provider. When it comes to VPS hosting solution HostingRaja is No1 customer choice and the reason behind it is that their customers love their support and service. Not only that they also provide the server with 99.9% uptime and all their servers are dekt with latest security features. With their VPS hosting they provide free SSL certificate, a free varnish cache, and a free website optimization feature as well. You also get the option of cache optimization which is static content delivery. And they have 6 different plan where you can choose as per your business requirements.

Cloud Hosting
At HostingRaja they have years of experience in providing expertized cloud hosting solution for their customers. All their cloud servers are secured with latest security features and they also provide a scalable and a fully managed cloud server. With their cloud hosting solution user get a complete optimized control panel, and In HostingRaja they also promise 30ms latency for all the cloud servers and it is a testament to their network capacity. They have 6 different cloud hosting plans out of which 3 is of Linux OS and 3 is of Windows OS.

HostingRaja is a predominant a top web hosting provider who provides their customers with a number of different kinds of features, offers and discounts. The web hosting features of HostingRaja is optimized by the Lite-Speed Web server. They also provide their users with absolutely free DNS services, free security features and plenty of other free as well as paid features. HostingRaja will be the right choice for those who are looking for the best affordable and reliable hosting services for their business.


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