Top 10 Clone Apps for Android and IOS to Create Multiple Accounts

Having multiple accounts is nowadays very common. Whether a person is office going or usually uses multiple accounts for his/her personal use, he/she might face problems in using multiple accounts at a single time. Do you know about cloning? It comes in terms of copying the exact thing. Similarly, Clone Apps are the applications that can duplicate an exact app. You can use the clone app at the same or different location as per your need. The best thing is that this app does not affect the original application.

Sometimes, we have to make different accounts for offices and other professional work, but in making these accounts, we cannot get time to use our personal account and many people have complained about it.  Using a separate account for personal and professional work is something great. You might be thinking that how it is possible to use two or three accounts at the same time. It’s as difficult as choosing the best womens leather jackets. So, let’s take advantage of clone apps and install multiple applications to use at the same time. Don’t worry if you think that by using a single app multiple times, you cannot get any notifications. Notification of both the apps will be separated. Check the clone app applications that are shown below.


Parallel Space is one of the most amazing apps that is used by more than 90 million users. People log on multiple accounts at the same time on the single device. It also protects user’s privacy by making apps invisible on a device with the undercover Installation feature. You just have to go to Google Play Store and install Parallel Space that will definitely help you in many accounts of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat. 

1. To make your app look unique, you have to change the theme so that you can style your own space.
2. It is stable, powerful and easy to use. 
3. You can quickly switch between accounts with just one touch. 


MoChat is the first app on Android that allows users to use three accounts at the same time on one device. It is a small app as four MB,it runs much faster and more stable than another similar app. You can clone as many accounts as you like. Each account is separate from each other so that you don’t have to worry about mixed messages. 

1. It protects the user’s privacy
2. MoChat is based on multigrid, the first application virtualization engine on Android
3. Run more than three accounts altogether and switch between them faster. 


“Multiple Accounts” is for the user who wants to use the same app with a different account at the same time. The work of multiple accounts is also the same as other devices so that you can avail any of them that are fast in speed or work more properly than other tools. 

1. One app, Two Accounts, Messaging, and Social Network
2. Double game account experience
3. It offers privacy and security


Have you ever used two or more phones for keeping up to date with everyone you want to be? Moreover, are you really stressed about having multiple phones at one time? Then don’t worry about it, just keep one smartphone with you and download an application Dual Space to use multiple accounts on one device.     

1. The user could set an app desktop shortcut. 
2. The balance between the user’s life and work easily. 
3. No longer, have to worry about the wrong message or dial the wrong number feel embarrassed, no longer worry about personal life affected.


Clone king is a new technology that is also used for keeping more than one app. It can make your private account hidden and cannot be seen by others, so your data security is ensured and your privacy is protected. You can choose any of an application from the best variety and choose the best one as per your choice. 

1. Extreme privacy where your account will be hidden and cannot be traced in your system.
2. Switch unlimited accounts
3. It does not collect the personal information to protect privacy. 


Noxapp+ is an efficient application that easily helps to create and install multiple accounts to use at a single time. The work of all the applications is same, but its features are slightly different that’s why everyone prefers the best one. All you need to do is change the name of your duplicate application like Twitter 1 and Twitter 2 so that you can differentiate your personal and official account. 

1. Run multiple games and accounts on a single device
2. NoxApp+ is really easy to learn and use
3. Customized notification styles for each app. 

One of the most ranked tools that allow users to open two apps same apps on single time is Parallel U. It protects user’s privacy by making apps invisible on a device with secretly installation features. Parallel U is compatible with most Android apps. 

1. It offers security and privacy
2. It has high compatibility 
3. Low system requirement. 


There are different applications of cloning app that allow users to use more than one account at a single time. It is also good to transfer your personal data without using a cable, computer or any other network. You can use any of the applications that are available here for a great service. 

1. The application is extremely fast
2. No fear of leak privacy
3. It is easy to transfer data. 


2Face-Multiple Accounts Master help you clone and run multiple social & game accounts online simultaneously on one phone. If you want to receive WhatsApp messages from two different accounts at a single time then you are definitely at the right place. This 2Face App is something really worth for all the two or more than two accounts users. 

1. You can keep your secret app safe with a locker. 
2. You can get notifications from both the accounts alongside. 
3. It lets you store data of an app separately to avoid confusion and conflict.


Double It App is an application on Android, which helps people to use more social networking accounts at the same time. It is very small, but faster in speed that will help you in being notified about all the accounts logged in your phone at the same time. 

1. The user is friendly and easily sorted
2. You can change the app into your favorite color and name
3. You can switch between accounts with one tap. 

These are some of the Clone Apps that helps the users to log in more than one account and be notified of both at the same time. Either you are busy in your personal life chats with friends and family, or you are busy in your office work, downloading your clone app immediately is a good thing nowadays.


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