Warning Signs Before Choosing A Hair Transplant Clinic

With baldness setting in, millions of people confront an important, possibly a life changing question – should Iget a hair transplant? And as and when they are able to take an affirmative decision, another important question creeps up – how do I choose a hair transplant clinic? Lack of knowledge, coupled with emotional trauma can leave you paralysed. The inability to arrive at a decision can be very distressing, especially when it concerns the way you look. Baldness, apart from being a genetic issue is also a deeply psychological issue. And you would during the course of your decision-making process, need some hand holding. In this piece, we are putting together a guide for you to read the warning signs before making the all important decision. 

In the past decade, hair transplant has become extremely popular among the youth. People in their late twenties and early thirties are increasingly opting for a hair restoration procedure. With the increase in demand, the numbers of hair transplant clinics has also increased exponentially. This increase in hair transplant clinics is both good and bad – good because the patients have options to choose from and bad because it is not easy to choose – especially if you don’t have the knowledge. 

It is often said that hair transplant is as much an art as it is a science. However, how would you ever know? This is where research will come in extremely handy. Before you make a decision about the hair transplant clinic – do your own research. Read up about the top clinics in your city or the city you prefer to get the procedure in. Look at the services they offer. How well equipped the centre is? An important factor for you to consider is – is the centre able to handle all kinds of emergencies? If not, then you definitely need to explore more options. 

Once you have narrowed down on at least three clinics, it is time to meet the expert. Once again do your research beforehand. The experience of the surgeon is extremely important. Once you meet, talk to him or her about their past experience, the kinds of patients they have worked with. Look carefully about the before and after pictures of the patients the surgeon has worked with. In addition, ask questions about the team – know more about the attrition rate of the team members. This will give you a good measure. If the team has changed very frequently, and if you are unable to find convincing answers to your questions then it is a definite warning sign. In such a case, strike this clinic off your list.  

Another key element in identifying warning signs is patient testimonials. Let’s say you have read up on the clinic, have met the expert. You are fairly convinced that they are indeed a good fit. To be doubly sure, reach out to the patients who have undergone a transplant in that clinic, if you can. Reach out to patients, talk to them about their experience. Understand what they have gone through. Learn more about the pre- and post-transplant support they got from the clinic. If at any point, you get a negative feedback – despite your personal liking for the expert or the clinic – take it very seriously and consider it to be a warning sign. 

Lastly, you should always inquire about the legality of the establishment, especially if it is in a city you are not familiar with. Know the legal status of the clinic. Read the consent form very carefully and if there is a clause you disagree with or are not comfortable signing against then don’t be pressured. Speak to your lawyer if need be and take a decision accordingly. 

Identifying warning signs will help you choose the right expert as well as the right clinic. It is important that you follow this guide to take an informed decision. The expert for hair transplant in India you consult is at the heart of the procedure and will eventually determine how you look. It is only fair then that you take your time, explore all options and once you have decided – then go for it. Your desired look is just a transplant away! 


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