5 Tips for New Mothers, Should Never Miss

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Born a baby, the expectant mother was promoted to a new mother, and life has changed a lot, some even unexpected. In response to the various problems encountered in raising your baby, you should also remind your mother not to neglect the care and protection of themselves. Check some baby shower gifts that could ease a new mother’s life.

1. Nipple Pain is not Difficult to Solve

When some new mothers start to breastfeed their babies, they feel nipple pain, which is mostly caused by the baby's milk being incorrect. The correct connection is that the baby contains the mother's nipple and all or most of the areola, and the breast milk is sucked by the sucking part of the areola. If the baby only contains the nipples, it is difficult to eat the milk, so it will suck harder and make the mother feel pain. Therefore, when the baby is not connected correctly, you should come back again.

As long as the baby is right, the mother's pain will disappear immediately. If the persistence is not properly connected, the baby will always suck the nipple hard, which may cause the mother's nipple to crack and break, and the pain is even worse.

2. Nipple Splitting can be Overcome

Nipple pain is often a prelude to nipple splitting, so it is mainly caused by incorrect baby's milk. In addition, long breastfeeding time, cleaning of nipples with alkaline cleaners or alcohol, nipple trauma, etc. can also cause nipple splitting.

For mothers who have already had cleft palate, although it is very painful to feed, it is best not to suspend breastfeeding. You can first feed on the side without cleft palate or lighter, because the baby is obviously hungry at the beginning, and the sucking force is relatively strong. .

If you can't stand the pain, you can use the breastfeeding aid to put on the nipple, reduce the direct stimulation of the nipple, and then directly breastfeed after the relief; if you have to, the affected breast can suspend breastfeeding for 24 hours, let the baby suck the healthy breast. If the breasts of both breasts are cleft, squeeze out the breastmilk and feed it to the baby with a small spoon. Apply a small amount of milk to the nipple and areola after breastfeeding or milking, and dry naturally to help heal the cleft palate. You can also apply a thin layer of lanolin nipple cream.

3. Good Sleep can be Less Difficult

Newborn babies eat 8-12 times a day. In addition to breastfeeding, mothers must also pat the baby, change diapers, wash and wash. They can’t sleep during the day and night. Many mothers are so sleepy that they don’t open their eyes. It’s a day to count. Since I can't sleep, I can only sleep on piecemeal. Mothers take care of the baby's sleep time, try to lie down and rest, and take care of the baby's task to let Dad help to share some.

4. 42 Days after Delivery, Mother and Baby Check

In addition to the general physical examination items, the focus is on gynecological examination, abdominal examination and breast examination, to understand whether the mother has gynecological diseases, uterine reduction, pelvic organ recovery; cesarean section mother should also pay attention to the abdomen knife mouth healed well; breast There are no abnormal problems. It is important to know that the recovery of the postpartum body is not ideal and will bring a lot of troubles to the mother.

5. Lactation Contraception is not an Extra Move

The safest and most effective way to use contraception during lactation is to use a condom. IUDs can also be used, but they usually need to be placed 3 months after delivery and 6 months after cesarean section. Some contraceptives can affect the secretion of milk, and also into the milk, causing potential harm to the baby, so the contraceptive should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

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