Different Kinds of Tow Bar: A Guide For Beginners

When it comes to tow bars, there are two kinds available for you which includes the detachable and the fixed kind. Both of them are either available in the flange style or swan neck style. If you are a beginner, you might find yourself in a dilemma trying to figure out which tow bar to choose for your vehicle.

Tow bars are quite specific to the vehicles they are being used on, therefore you might have to find out the right kind of tow bar for your specific vehicle. However, now-a-days most of the modern vehicles can be used with all kind of tow bar.

1. Fixed-Flange Tow Bars: 

There are many benefits of using the fixed flange tow bar. It is capable of making use of different accessories whilst it towing. The price range as well is also quite low for these kinds of tow bars making it more accessible in nature. It can very well fit bumper protection plate which is quite useful in many cases. The fact that it can get various towing clearances at different height is also one of the reasons it has become quite popular. There are certain things that should be kept in mind before the fixed flange tow bar is purchased. For instance, it should be made sure that the vehicle you are using it on has parking sensors fitted in them, since the sensors might think that the flange tow bar is basically an obstacle when it is in reverse. You should also make sure that you like the look the tow bar is giving to your vehicle since it is not as aesthetic as the other kind of styles. It should also be made sure that tow bar is visible when you are looking at the vehicle. 

2. Detachable Flange Tow Bars: 

When it comes to the detachable flange of tow bar there are a number of benefits which are similar to that of the fixed-flange tow bar of course with the addition benefit of being able to remove it. The fact that it can be removed anytime that you wish is a great convenience. The parking sensors do not hinder with this kind of tow bar. They are also compatible with friction style stabilizers. The only disadvantage detachable tow bars have is the fact that they can be quite expensive which is why they will cost you a lot of money if you every lose them.

3. Swan Neck Tow Bars: 

One of the most common types of tow bars used is the swan neck tow bar. The reason behind its popularity is because of how it looks way neater. The bar too is quite narrow which most likely would not cause any trigger to the parking sensors of your car. They are also quite compatible with other kind of friction style stabilizers. The price is also pretty affordable. However, some of the swan neck tow bar might not be as adjustable compared to the flange style tow bar.

4. Detachable Tow Bar (swan neck): 

These kinds of tow bars can be easily removed without looking lime there is tow bar fitted to your vehicle. Just like the kind of detachable tow bars, this one too is also compatible when it comes to the friction style stabilizers. The fact that these also come with the feature of neck mechanism makes sure that your vehicle will not get stolen.

There are other kind of tow bars as well which include the electric swivelling, horizontally or vertically detachable, pin system, nut system, permanently attached tow bars and many others. Depending on your needs you can choose the one you think would be the best for your vehicle.