Everything you Need to Know about Arlo Base Station

Arlo base station is used to connect Arlo wireless cameras with internet to give you complete remote control for your device. Once it is connected, you can stream seamless videos, manage settings and perform other activities through Netgear Arlo App. To know more  about how Arlo Base station works, read out the below-given guide.

How Netgear Arlo Base Station connects camera with internet?

Basically, your camera connects to the base station using a wireless home network and it is connected to the router using an ethernet cable. This in turn  strengthens your battery back up and helps it to work for a longer period of time. Not all Arlo cameras require a base station, some of them can be directly connected to wifi.

Arlo Base Station Features and Benefits

Followings are the benefits of using Arlo Base station. Do have a look and know why it is considered as an important part of Arlo security system.
  • It is used to connect Arlo, Arlo Pro, and Arlo 2 cameras to the internet using a wireless home network.
  • It extends battery life and expands connectivity range
  • Includes USB local storage backup
  • It comes with a power adapter and Ethernet cable

Differences between Arlo and Arlo Pro Base Station

In order to understand which base station is right for you, do have a look at these steps and know what features make Arlo and Arlo Pro Base station different.  
#Local Storage
With Arlo pro base station, you get local USB backup support to save recordings locally. However, the recording in Arlo pro automatically gets saved in the cloud storage but you must use cloud storage as the default option. In Arlo base station Offline; there is no option of local USB backup support. So, this is the major difference between both base stations.
Having a siren in a base station is really useful. It instantly notifies you when detecting any suspicious activity. Equipped with a 100+ decibel siren, Arlo pro base station can be controlled using Arlo app. Sadly, Arlo base station misses out this feature.
When it comes to processor, Arlo pro base station is more powerful than the Arlo. It is equipped with 500 Mhz MIPS 74k processor along with 128 MB Flash and 128MB of RAM to give it a faster performance. However, Arlo base station does only have 500 Mhz MIPS 74k processor.
#Size and Weight
Both base stations vary in size and weight too. The Arlo pro-Base Station is a little heavier in weight with 11.1 oz while Arlo base station measures 8.5 x 2.25 x 6.5 in (215.9 x 67.15 x 165.1 mm) withweighs 3.8 oz.

Are Arlo Pro Cameras Compatible with Arlo Base Station?

Yes, they are! All Arlo wire-free cameras can be easily connected with Arlo base station. Just sync it and enjoy its seamless features. By checking every fact, we have come to the conclusion that Arlo pro base station is more powerful than Arlo. So, choosing pro base station over Arlo is a wise decision.  For further information, keep reading our blogs.