Home Improvement with Marble Flooring: Analyzing Pros and Cons

1:41 AM

When you want to spice up the interiors of your house, you may opt for a new kind of flooring. This can be for your bedroom and other areas including kitchen. Nowadays, you can pick from a variety of flooring options. There are materials like wood, vinyl, linoleum that you can pick for revamping the floors in your house. However, if budget is not an issue with you, marble flooring can also fit your bill. Before you choose marble for floor revamping in your apartment or home improvement, it is better to know the advantages and drawbacks of using it.

Unarguably, marble flooring lets you add elegance to your rooms. This is the first choice of house owners who give priority to aesthetics over other aspects. Marble is available in various hues and textures. Depending on your walls and furniture in your house you can chose from various light and dark hues. Apart from your floors, marble slabs can also be used in kitchen counter tops. The same slabs can also be used while revamping your bathrooms. Therefore, by using marble flooring you can give a seamless elegant look to all the rooms in your house.

Marble can be cleaned easily and even if you have playful kids and pets in your family, stains will not become your headache. In most cases, a wipe with damp soft cloth is what you will need to keep your marble floor shining. When you opt for quality marble flooring in your house, the cost may be more than other options. However, marble offers you excellent durability. It is resistant to moisture which is good for people living in humid regions. It is also suitable for keeping allergens and bacteria at bay. With usage of good quality sealant, possibilities of bacteria formation or moisture seeping in can be eliminated. Therefore, opting for marble flooring will also help you in safeguarding the health of your kids and other family members to an extent.

However, marble flooring also comes with its share of drawbacks. Marble slabs are heavy and you need to ensure that your floors are suitable for their weight. While cleaning marble floors are easy, if you do not clean the floors regularly stains can stick on surface making it hard to get back the luster. You should not clean marble floor with cleaning agents and fluids that have strong chemical content as it can cause damage to the tiles. For the best results, you should clean marble floors as soon as something gets spilt on them. There are mild cleaning fluids available for marble based flooring these days.

Before buying marble slabs, compare the rates offered by stores in your locality. You can talk with interior design veterans for getting ideas on quality marble slabs. You can also buy them from online stores but ensure that the site is a reliable and reputed one. You also need to enquire how much time is needed to install marble flooring in your house in place of existing one.

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