How to Do Anemia Caused By Menorrhagia

During menstruation, women usually have dysmenorrhea, low back pain, weakness, vertigo, tinnitus, active palpitations, shortness of breath, etc. General examination of blood routine hemoglobin below 110g / L can be diagnosed as anemia, iron deficiency anemia patients also accompanied Iron deficiency: dry skin, dull, dull hair, easy to fold, easy to hair loss, severe cases have nail bulge, flat or anti-A, stomatitis, glossitis, superficial ulcers and difficulty swallowing. So, what if the menstruation leads to anemia ?

To avoid loss of blood during heavy menstrual bleeding or prolonged bleeding 

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Improve Menstrual Symptoms

Many female friends are affected by a variety of factors, causing symptoms of menstruation, and menstruation is the most common type of menstrual disorders. If a female friend has a long period of menstruation, it is easy to cause anemia. Therefore, if female friends want to improve the symptoms of anemia, first of all, to find out the causes of menstrual symptoms, only to improve the menorrhagia, can really avoid the symptoms of anemia caused by menorrhagia.

Supplement Protein

When women have symptoms of anemia, the body will be weaker. At this time, female friends should pay more attention to supplementing the body with protein, especially high-quality protein. Female friends can eat more milk, eggs, animal offal and beef, lamb, etc. These foods are not only rich in a variety of essential amino acids, but also contain a variety of vitamins that are good for your health. Eating more of these foods by female friends can ensure that the body has enough nutrients to improve the symptoms of anaemia in women.

Improve Diet

Many female friends have a habit of partial eclipse, which is very picky about food and is not harmful to foods that they don't like. The partial eclipse habits prevent female friends from ingesting balanced nutrition, thereby aggravating the symptoms of anaemia. At this time, female friends should eat more nutritious foods, especially those rich in iron, copper, folic acid, and carotene, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing anaemia.

Excessive menstrual flow leads to anaemia must take the necessary measures for treatment and conditioning, otherwise it may lead to more and more serious symptoms of anaemia, leading to various symptoms of discomfort. The three measures mentioned in this article must be implemented.

Women's blood tips, four best time periods

1. Menstrual Period

Menstrual period should pay attention to the smooth flow of menstrual blood, to avoid coagulation and stagnation of menstrual blood. Pay more attention to the diet, do not eat cold food, do not drink cold drinks; eat more warm food and drink hot soup; avoid spicy spicy food. Do a good job of keeping warm, add more clothes to the cold, and avoid the cold on the back. Menstrual cold can cause many adverse consequences, including dysmenorrhea and prolonged menstruation.

2. Yin Long-Term - After the End of Menstrual Period

At the end of the menstrual period, the body's yin and blood deficiency, the inherent "yin long" said. In the long term, it is necessary to nourish the liver and kidney, so that the body can quickly restore the blood and prepare for the next round of menstruation. There are two precautions in the long term, you can't stay up late, stay up late and lose blood; you can't be greedy. At this time, coldness is easy to cause endocrine disorders.

3. Ovulation Period - A Few Days between the Two Menstrual Periods

The ancients said that women must have a slight heat every day, and the lower body leucorrhea is like a brush, this is a good pregnancy. As the blood of the body grows, the yin gradually turns into yang, and female sexual desire is awakened. The probability of conception during ovulation is high. Women who want to conceive can have sex and women should maintain a happy mood, which is very helpful for pregnancy. At this time, taking warm and blood-activating drugs can increase the promotion of ovulation, such as salvia, cinnamon and the like.

4. Yang Long-Term - After Ovulation

After the ovulation period, women enter the yang period, the body is full of yin and blood, and full of energy. During this period, you should pay special attention to keep warm and not be cold. To avoid eating cold foods and cold drinks, it is best not to eat cold fruits such as watermelons and grapes. You can eat yam yoghurt, spleen and kidney.