How to Get Rid of Virus From Your Computer Having Windows OS

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In recent times, every Indian home in an urban city such as Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad has a computer. Does your family have one model? Then you must know, that all the family members use this device for various purposes. For example, you use the computer for doing office work, your children use it for completing the project and your spouse uses it for buying items online or paying bills. So, it is mandatory to ensure that the computer should be made secure. You know the reason. Your spouse makes use of internet banking for paying bills. You have may have installed the best security application, but the children may install a virus when playing games or downloading files on the internet. So, a virus is installed on the computer and its performance has become low. So, the next step? In this article, we focus on how to get rid of the virus from the computer having Windows OS.

How To Remove Virus

To get rid of the virus, you just have to make a potent combination of the computer Safe Mode and the antivirus program. Please note, that you cannot remove every virus by the methods mentioned in this article. Sometimes, you may have to settle for professional service to remove the dangerous virus that can act as phishing agent.

Okay, you have got Windows 10 OS. In such situations, you need to follow these steps on how to get rid of the virus from a computer having Windows OS.

Just Open Windows Defender

As you know, the Defender feature is in-built virus protection. To activate the feature,Go to Start Section, type the words ‘Windows Defender” and click on Windows Defender Security Center among the many search results. You can see the window of Windows Defender.

Ensure you Do an Instant Windows Defender Scan

Just make a complete check. You can click the Virus and Threat Protection tab on the left-hand sidebar of Windows Defender window. Now go for the Scan Now option. After you complete this step, the security program will search, isolate and remove any of the simple viruses.

For doing this step, you may have to click on the three dark horizontal lines situated on the top left corner of the window. Then, the Virus & Threat Protection tab appears.

Select  “ New Advanced Scan” .  We can guess your question. The location? You can find it beneath the ‘Scan Now’ button situated right on the page. Just look at the center and you can find it.

You should ensure that the “Full Scan” box remains checked. You can easily find its location at the top of the page. If you go for a full scan, then the computer will take more time to complete a thorough process.

Now go for the Scan Now option. By selecting this option, you are commanding Windows Defender to start scanning your computer.


If some unwanted guests such as malware are discovered in your computer, then you will get an alert which asks you to confirm the removal of the application. If you press Yes, then you will get directions to remove the malware.

Please note, that this option will never work for the new special design virus which can wreak havoc on the system. But yes, simple viruses and malicious files may get destroyed.

Restart The Computer In Safe Mode

How do you define Safe Mode? It is but the safe version of the Operating System, that loads the necessary services and files. So, new viruses and other files will not find the environment compatible. For this process, you can go to

Start - click on the Power icon. Then hold down the Shift option, at the same time, do not forget to click on Restart found in Power Menu. Do you see the Troubleshooting option? Then follow this map. Go to Advanced Options, then move forward to Startup Settings. Now go to the Restart option, then hold on to the 5. The next step.   It is “Safe Mode with Networking”. You can find. 

Disk Cleanup Option

Has your computer come into the Safe Mode? Then you can start the activity by clicking on Start. Then type the Disk Cleanup word. When the Disk Cleanup Option comes, then you can click on it situated at the top of Start Menu.
Now take care of The Temporary Files.

You can click on the cleanup system files situated long at the low left corner of the window.

You can check every box that appears in the middle of the Windows. Please note, that you should not mix any boxes. Scroll down the mouse to check the last boxes.

Now, select the Ok option and do not forget to click on the Delete Files when you get the message.


Now, do you have to complete this task? If you want to remove the virus without the help of a professional, go for this option. Autoruns can be described as a Microsoft tool which gives you information on many programs that start with the current session. If you have to download and extract, kindly follow these steps.

You need to visit  in the web browser of your computer. For the next step, you have to click the Download Autoruns and Autorunsc link situated at the top of the page. Do not forget to click on the downloaded ZIP folder. You need to click on the Extract All option, and then go for the Extract tab when you get the message. For activation, you need to open the folder. For opening Autoruns, you need to double-click on Autoruns file.

Autoruns for Deleting Malicious and Unwanted Files

In this option, you get information on automatic startup files and processes that can appear on the starting off your computer. Now use the list to find the viruses. The process is as follows -

Do you find a suspicious name of service in the Autoruns list?

You can check online or use any other method to confirm it is a virus. Now, go for the removal instructions. Delete every file and process that you can find in the Autoruns menu. This is the best method for the question - How to get rid of the virus from a computer having Windows OS.

Home Page of The Browser

Do you have children who play games on your computer? Some website pages may cheat them to set the homepage of your browser to an ad-based website. Make the shift to normal during the Safe Mode.

You may also encounter situations, where the virus may have corrupted the browser. In such cases, you will not be able to change the settings of the browser. Now, the only option is to uninstall the browser. Then reinstall as per the procedure.

Journey To Safe Mode

Restart the Computer in Safe Mode

Repeat the same process, you did, when you wanted to go to the Safe Mode.
You can also run the Windows Defender Scan offline. This activity helps to pick viruses or malware missed in the previous scan. For the process, you need to open Windows Defender. Go to Virus & Threat Protection located in the left-hand sidebar. Tap on the Run a new Advanced scan link. Do not forget to check on the Windows Defender Offline Scan Box. Now, tap on Scan Now. Give some time to the computer so that it can restart. Now follow the On-Screen Prompts messages received from Windows Defender.


Go for the Restart option. Go to Start, click on Power and select Restart, but do not hold the Shift-Option. Then when the computer starts normally, the virus gets eliminated.

Reinstalling Windows

Are you not able to eliminate the virus after this activity? Then reinstall virus and start your work. Yes, you are correct. You may have to take a backup of files, but what about the virus? If you have not identified the virus, it will also have a back-up.


So, have you read the article on how to get rid of the virus from a computer having Windows OS? Are you tired in the process of removal of a computer virus? Then go for a maintenance service. Let us imagine a situation when you are in Bangalore and the home computer has got a virus. You tried every method mentioned in this article but still could not get rid of it. In a similar situation, when will you search for the best computer repair service in Bangalore? You just need to download the app of best doorstep repair service companies having qualified computer repair experts in their payrolls. Just download the app, schedule the time for repair and book the best technician near your locality. The computer expert will come to your house on schedule and eliminate the virus. The computer gets back to normal again.

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