How To Reduce Spam Score OF Your Web Domain

This guide would lead to get a clean site from spamming around. You would probably know the fact that high spam score could harm your free organic traffic from search engines to your website. If you got a healthy domain authority and could not get any traffic. First, before going to improve your published content you should check your spam score. If you got a zero spam score, then this content is not for your information. But if you are stuck with a high spam score you should take it serious and make scrutiny for the decrease of spam score. Now it is also a fact that your content is a king. If you are a small business or an affiliate marketing content publisher, you should also look at the trends and market around. 

This would get you an idea of what precautionary measures you should take. For niche website you need to go along with the trends prevail around the market and of course, the user behavior should not be leveraged. But if your content is about news or general you should definitely look at the spam score and the leads to reduce it. Let us jump in to the steps you should follow to clean your site from high spam score inbound links.

How To Reduce The Spam Score

I am breaking the guide into steps to make it easy for understanding and keeping the method smooth. This guide would provide you with the information step by step through the way to make you able to reduce the spam score.

Find Out Spam Score Of Your Web Domain

Before jumping in to the steps of removing spam domains or reducing spam score of your website domain. You should know what the spam score exactly is and how to find it out that what is the spam score of your website domain. 

In search engine optimization it is really important to know the basics of the search engine bots. The search engine bots have its own way to render and index your web pages. Likes and dislikes vary with the coming up dates in the core SEO of the search engines on daily or weekly basis. Here is a pro tip about some really basic tricks to build up a strong, durable and sustainable SEO page. 

If you follow the exact pattern of mechanism of the SEO bots, you would find out that the search engine bots normally like no spamming on your site. And what is spamming exactly? When you practice black hat SEO (off page) your domain score would increase but your traffic would go down. What is the reason? The reason behind this reduce in traffic is the increase in spam score. Yes, black hat SEO encourages spam score to increase rather increase your free organic traffic.

Now, let us know how to find out the spam score of your web domain. We have online free tools to analyze our site for different things including spam score. I would recommend MOZ SEO tool for checking your site if you are looking for an accurate result on spam score. Remember MOZ did not sponsored me for publishing this content. MOZ has adjusted itself due to its accurate and precise results for the web analysis. The inbound links from the domains having high spam score are hurting your SEO. You should look at it and extract the data to a text file and make a list of all those domains with high spam score.

How To Remove High Spam Score Domains Linking To Your Site

Once you extracted the data of the high spam score domains from the online analysis tools, now, it is easy to remove it from your domain. Find out the search console on Google and other search engines where your website is registered. Google is well knowing, that is the reason I am here only describing the method of removing spam score links from your domain. Google webmaster tools or Search Console did not forget anything that is useful and helpful in ranking your website.

On the webmaster tool or search console of your website log in and find out the disavow links button. If you could not find it on webmaster tools you should search it on Google. The Google search engines would lead you to your webmaster tools disavow section. When you get here, attach the text file with the extracted data. Remember the text file should properly be named for disavow links or any name you like to tag it. Upload the disavow text file to tell the Google bots about the inbound links to not to read or index in future. 

Disavow links is a list of links that you do not want to refer to your domain. So you should be very careful about the selection of extraction of the links from the tools. By disavowing the high spam score domain, you would see the traffic would start rising. It will probably take about 12 days to 14 days to take effect. The spam score would come down and the traffic would rise. And your site would get really awesome organic free traffic from search engines. I experienced the method on different sites and could get some outstanding results.


Once you done with disavow links list submission you would see the visible change in your ranking. The high spam score is purely due to high spam domain inbound links. It is harshly effecting your website ranking and also get your site stand in the line of penalty. You would receive a lot of free organic traffic (depends on your On-site SEO and quality of content) when the spam score is at the bottom level. I tested the method when I was a newbie in the field of online digital marketing. You would love to see the site with best affiliate marketing content I implemented the method on. It is now improving and providing some great results.