Know About Copper Rods And Its Applications

Copper Earth Rods:

These rods are made up of high tensile-low carbon iron. These rods molecularly bonded by 99.99% pure, huge conductivity of copper bondings, each & every rod used with Benzol-triazole derivatives. 

Roll threading method used to create the threads on the rods. Which in turn present the threads with the additional strength, that is needed to reduce the risk of cutting the threads while driving the rods in the ground. The Solar thermal collector copper rod manufacturers in India useful in many ways which keep your home warm in any season.

Solid Copper Earth Rods:

These rods formed in two different manner- Externally threaded and internally threaded. Solid Copper earth rods regularly used in the forms, where the corrosion factor is very powerful and unusually long life expected. Therefore, these rods individually manufactured from pure and high conductivity hard formed copper.

A wide range of goods has its starting point in a rod of copper, aluminum and related alloys. Rods are the raw material for electrical purposes such as electrical cables for example building, power transmission, control and instrumentation, automotive, data and communication, etc. 

And also in contact wire, pins, magnet wire, and connectors; mechanical applications such as welding wire, wire for meshes and fastener. Other purposes are textile wire, jewelry, and wire for the food industry.

In a highly competing market, the growth of new applications, price strength and an increase of product quality led wire manufacturers to ask improved characteristics without failing conductivity. This led to copper flats to produce new copper and aluminum alloys. 

For example, copper alloys, such as CuSn, CuMg, and CuAg, have been produced for automotive cable; High-Temperature Aluminium Alloys have been developed for high conductor lines with round and shaped wires.

Rod making technology and equipment depend on the rod production range and the necessary output. The most distributed technologies are the Constant Casting Rolling technology and the Upward Vertical Continuous Casting technology (UVCC). 

You may think that why this copper rod are useful? The particles can move freely in the metal. For this purpose, they are known as free electrons. They are also called conduction electrons because they promote copper to be a good conductor of heat and electricity. 

When you construct the apartments or any significant industrial factors this copper rod will use in many ways which keep more strong. Copper alloy rod and bar outputs well changed for Telecommunications Communications in these modern days.

The continuous growth of these technologies produced in high-quality rods in terms of chemical structure, mechanical and electrical properties, fewer defilements and lower overall processing costs. Being in the wire and cable division for decades, these provide you with consolidated, flexible and high-quality solutions to overcome market requests.

Copper Rods prepared in different finishes and designs as per the demands of clients. These pure Oxygen Free Copper rods formed from qualitative electrolytic Copper with the best available finish pennants. 

It is used as raw material for the formation of electric wire and cables and performed by either our continuous casting or our oxygen-free continuous up-casting mills. Copper rods generally used in various electronic & engineering applications. These rods are famous to function with utmost precision


Electrical Industry: 
Panel Electrification Lines, Earthing Rods and Making Anodes

General Engineering: 
Forging Components

Available Forms: 
Squares, hexagons, rounds, flats as well as in other type shape options.