Saree vs. Lehenga Cholis Which is the Best bridal Wear?

Are you going to marry soon? And stuck between donning the Saree &blouse or the lehenga & choli! No problem, you are among those many brides who experience the same difficulties as you are going through right now, that is the reason we come up with this article that hopefully explain the selection of bridal wear. In a general scenario, the Hindu wedding ceremony starts two days before the wedding day, and it includes many customs like Mehndi, a family dance party, marriage reception and many more.

Lehenga Lovers

If you are like any regular Indian bride, then the first choice would be heavy lehenga for the wedding day, and there is no doubt in that. Before you head to the bridal store remembers one thing.” The strategy of shopping would always be to pick expensive lehenga, and then think about the matching Choli and then dupatta”. But consider all brides' images; you will notice one thing that the wedding photographers tend to take half snaps compare to Full naps  that mean the choli, dupatta and jewelry are also very important assembles for wholesale bridal dress

Saree is the Perfect Match for many Brides

Thanks to our eating habits, many Indian women are lucky with having Pear or Apple Shape body –structure, and that's the main reason, the bridal Saree is perfect attire for all.  Any bride can’t get proper guidance from a salesperson at any store because shopkeeper job is to sell expensive attire so even if the bride is looking very best in Saree blouse, the sale person will try and drag your choice towards wholesale price lehenga. However Petite bride can wear lightweight lehenga and choli during music party to add variety in appearance. Other than that we strongly advise all short girls to choose saree for the wedding day

The Lehenga looks best on the girl with Perfect Body Shape and Height

Many Brides think that they don't have a second opportunity to wear the heavy embroidered Lehenga other than a wedding day. If this is the case with you, then think again because The Bride with perfect structure can show off body curves in lehenga with a backless choli, in addition to that the bride‘s height is also a prime considering factor while choosing wholesale price lehenga. To sum up all the above elements, we only suggest lehenga to tall or medium height girls.

Conclusion: Lehenga is the Real Winner Concerning Bridal Wear

The superbly crafted Lehenga is an epitome of sophistication for all Indian brides because all brides could combine Lehenga with various cholis and moreover you always have the Option to utilize contrast color dupattas to achieve best appearance. So above all qualities make bridal Lehenga   a true champion over sarees