Top 8 Yoga Exercises to Practice at Home

1. Colocate in Table Position. The knees should be vertically below the hips and wrists, elbows and shoulders in line and perpendicular to the floor. The dolls have to be just below the shoulders and as far apart as the knees, which in turn are as open as the hips. The head raised and facing forward.

2.Exhale and lift the spine to the ceiling and let your head fall. That the chin does not touch your chest. Then I inhaled and went back to the original position. There are 5 breaths of each one (5 minutes).

3. Remove the left leg and the right arm (keeping it straight). Then I went back to the original position. Inspire and raise the leg and the opposite arm. There are 5 breaths of each one (5 minutes).

4. Stand on your hands and knees like a cat's posture. Take one knee to the head and keep alternating. There are 5 breaths of each one (5 minutes).

5. Place in a very quadruped position: 

the rear straight, the hands below the shoulders and also the knees at the hips. Support your toes well as a result of they'll be your support together with your hands. Breath deeply. Raise your knees and lift your hips as high as you'll be able to, keeping the palms of your hands firmly on the bottom. Lower your hips and come to the beginning position whereas you expel the air from your lungs and rest. There are five breaths of every one (5 minutes).

6. From the kneeling position on the floor, knees together and aligned, let the tail fall on your heels. It will stretch the column up. While letting air lean forward from the pelvis. Rest the chest on the thighs and extend the arms backwards, to the sides of the body. Place your hands on the opposite side of the palms, slightly curving your fingers. Eliminate tension from the shoulders, widening the back of the back. Relax the elbows and the lower third of the back. There are 5 breaths of each one (5 minutes).

7. Rest and final relaxation. 

The mountain (tadasana) with 5 Conscious and Calm breaths with closed eyes to calm the mind.

8.Cadaver (savasana). 

I remained in that position for 4 minutes with a natural breath. Practice close: after 4 minutes I moved the body bit by bit and returned to the sitting posture with my legs crossed. I took two deep breaths, clasping my hands in front of my chest and repeated the Om mantra three times.

Yoga is a useful gift from our ancient tradition. Yoga embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action … a holistic approach [that] is effective to our health and our well-being. Yoga isn't nearly exercise; it's the simplest way to find the sense of identicalness with yourself, the globe and also the nature.