Which Tarot Card Are You? A Guide for Free Tarot Reading

Free Tarot Reading Online has become quite famous among people around who seek growth and prosperity with the divine spirits. In free tarot predictions, tarot cards basically divided into sets of Major and Minor Arcana Cards.

These Major and Minor Arcana Cards are subdivided into different categories that interpret the occurring of events around us. They have immense capabilities of unveiling your soul’s journey throughout from the first life to the current one.

You must be thinking about how to choose your tarot cards for free predictions. Well, think no more because it is as easy as pie. Your birth date is the sole factor that picks out your card out of the Major Arcana card deck. This one card has the influence on your current life.  

The card you were born under needs to be calculated by adding up the numbers of your birth date. If your calculated figure exceeds the value 21 then add it again to reduce them to a single number. This single number tells you the card you may connect to.

For example, if your birthdate is 02/04/1991 then do some mathematics as follows: 0+2+0+4+1+9+9+1 = 26
26 exceeds 21, so add it again 2+6= 8 
If you got 8 as your number then your card is ‘Strength’.

To know the impacts of these cards, read the following facts.

The Fool (0)- How about an amazing and unknown session full of crests and troughs? Well, you are given this chance of hitting the road with uncertainties and possibilities. Adventurous, traveler and blessed you are The Fool. Take risks and be mindful while doing so. 

The Magician(1)- You have this magic wand of turning your thoughts and dreams into reality. You have the ability to woo anyone with your charisma but use this asset wisely and try not to manipulate others with it. Learn to put a harness on your flowing life.

The High Priestess (2)- You are the one that is rich in sacred knowledge. Your doings and sayings are all about wisdom. You are blessed with an amazing sense of intuition. Do some efforts to include meditation in your routine life.

The Empress (3)- You are here to create and to spread love. You tend to nurture people around you. You are a figure of feminity and abundance. Do know that not everyone looks up to you this way. You should learn to control your temper in such cases.

The Emperor (4)- You have the authority and power. It will not be wrong to call you born leaders. Set your intentions and you will reach out to your goal. You are a respected figure. You know how to set an example for those around you. 

The Hierophant (5)- Spiritual wisdom and religious beliefs are your two important personality traits. You are reliable and solid from the perspective of people around you. Try to work out a bit on your personal beliefs.

The Lovers (6)- It is about the scientific law and bringing unlike forces to attract each other. You can find access to divine inspiration and protection. It is also about making choices. Try to control the imbalance that sometimes triggers in your life.

The Chariot (7)- it is about taking it all together. With your determination and will power, you know you can conquer anything and everything. It is about the pace that you pick up. Focus on finding the right direction to move on to.

The Strength (8)- Being in this card means you have great strength and you know how to overcome a negative situation. You are a self-motivator and know how to pursue and influence others as well as yourself. 

The Hermit (9)- You will have a mentor to guide you walk on the path of life. You love to spend some time alone. Know that being alone and being lonely are two different things. Learn to follow the guidance you get from your soul.

The Wheel Of Fortune (10)- You have barrels of luck by your side. Your life keeps on taking turns and all for good. Opportunities stick to you in all possible ways. Work upon identifying and grabbing the opportunities.

The Justice (11)- You analyze things before taking action. For you, fairness is all that matters. Your efforts of proving something might not turn the way you expect but you must learn to trust universal forces and the Law of Karma.

The Hanged Man(12)- You are like an ocean, the surface stays calm but there are endless creatures in its depths. You might feel your life is boring but there are always new and amazing things making their way to you. You have a great and unique perception of things around you.

The Death(13)- It shows change and endings. The cocoon is suffocating you and you will soon develop wings of freedom. You will sweep away anything that disturbs you or holds you back. Sometimes you may resist this change but eventually, you know it is something you must adapt.

The Temperance (14)- You have a balanced life but sometimes this balance shakes up. The best part is you know when this imbalance knocks you. You know how to mix up and reaching out to your goal is what you aim for. You have a gift of patience.

The Devil (15)- It depicts the other(dark) side of you. One side of your life is very happening and enjoyable but the contradictory will detach and hypnotize you to step into exploring dark and deep thoughts. You might be getting temptations of experiencing your fetish and fantasies. Keep it in limits for an enchanting experience.

The Tower (16)- Your life is interesting, it keeps on moving. Sudden changes are not so sudden as they happen frequently. You will be kicked hard in the stomach a lot of times but trust me, it is for your good. Learn and grow, this mantra is in the loop for you. Your life does not know the word ‘peaceful’ but it is fabulous.

The Star (17)- You are born with a silver spoon. Peace, hope, creativity are your companions throughout your life’s journey. Have faith in the divinity and it will all be yours. Nourish yourself with a dose of self-care time to time.

The Moon (18)- The Lunar ones are blessed with great intuitive powers. You might be in confusion a lot of times. You must learn to differentiate who is your friend and who is your enemy. Train your subconsciousness and release fear. For you, learning is eternal.

The Sun (19)- Your fun, positivity, and warmth know no limits. You are a blessed one! Make the most of it by putting your immense energy to it and success will be yours. Control your inner kid and don’t feel low. You are the life of a party.

The Judgement(20)- You are born to accept and practice a lot more than what you are at the moment. You are being judged and you cannot avert it. Leave your mortal corpse and step into an immortal soul. Let it go. Find out if you are ready to be in heaven. Trust your inner calling, you have come to clearance. Do not ignore the self-calling. Clouds of self-doubt may hover you and your inner critic may wake up anytime.

The World (21)- The World overall is a YES card. It is a card that reflects positivity, new beginnings, changes, acceptance, travel, and completion. In a reversed position, this card may procrastinate your events, it might be a symbol of personal closure that you are waiting for, it is teaching you that there is no shortcut to success.

Calculate and get going as per your birth card!

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