5 Ways the Instant Pot Will Save You Time and Money

As we all know, moms nowadays are busy doing a lot of stuff at home. Feeding the kids, keeping the house clean and tidy, washing clothes, washing dishes cooking food for adults. It’s a hard work that needs help. Is there any possibility that one of these chores can be done automatically? If you are about to celebrate your birthday, the gift you should be asking for is instapot. It will make your life much easier. Here is why instapot is important for you as a working mum.

1. Saves a Lot Of Cooking Time

Let’s be honest. All working moms or simply all mothers suffer always from time, because of it, they’re not able to try some recipes that require anything more than half an hour. The Instant Pot make the cooking time less to half without limiting the recipes you can try. 70% or more of Instant Pot recipes take about 25 minutes to cook. Some slow old cooker recipes that take about 6-8 hours now can be cooked in half an hour with Instant Pot. Also, instant pot has another interesting feature which is the Quick Release button that releases pressure quickly if you want to serve dinner $ early tonight. Check instapots review to find out about more features in detail.

2. It Helps You Try Different Kind of Dishes

Frankly speaking, most of working moms finds it hard to cook different dishes. Well, the InstaPot is here to save you from being guilt trapped into repeating the same dishes. From hard-boiled eggs to BBQ ribs and cheesecakes, Instant Pot helps you cook anything whenever and wherever, without having to use a million utensils. You can find recipes on the net that you want to try out, with prep time under 30 minutes.

Among the available options are rice, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, porridge, soup, beans and meat of all kinds.

3. It Is an Automated Cooking Machine

This amazing invention does not only save time, but it also cooks it automatically. That is,you don’t have to check the food every second to get yourself out of trouble. Go and clean the house, do your laundry or simply watch TV with its built-in 7 cooking options that prepare you meal, All you need to do is add the ingredients and select the desired option and you’re good to go.

4. It’s A Batch Cooking

It’s a challenge for all working mothers to cook every day . While you’re at it, why not cook a little more to use it on a jam-packed weekday? Instant Pot makes batch cooking a whole lot easier than it is. You can half prep your meals and freeze them to cook later.

One thing to pay attention to is that you will need to freeze it in a container which is the size of the inner pot in the InstaPot. Otherwise, the InstaPot will be unable to fit in the frozen meal.

5. It’s Easy To Clean

Honestly speaking, we all hate cleaning especially for working moms. It gets worse when you’re cooking something special and there are a dozen utensils in the kitchen sink and there is a lot of work to do. Since InstaPot lets you cook everything in one pot, your cleaning task is reduced to one container and a couple of plates. Isn’t that a win-win?