7 Ways To Use WordPress Plugins And Themes

A lot of business owners are converting HTML to WordPress themes or switching formats to acquire a faster and smarter interface than their rivals. They hope to impress clients with WordPress plugins and themes which enable them to create fully- customized interfaces. The open source CMS is an amazing platform which helps in the effortless creation of a high-quality website. People like it because they do not require too much technical knowledge to understand its functioning. Entrepreneurs prefer it because of its flexible and cost-effective nature. They can easily manage their interfaces and introduce new features without needing to add any code. Let’s see how the popular web building tool helps business owners impress their target audience.

1. Helps In Creating Attractive Yet Professional Layouts

Business owners wish to get an interface that can be scaled up easily in the future. At the same time, they also want to catch the attention of potential customers through an attractive design. WordPress allows them to strike the perfect balance between design and functionality. They can easily choose a theme that is flexible and can be easily expanded when the business grows. A majority of the pre-built templates have been designed keeping professional usage in mind. This lets people easily create an interface with a design that will resonate with the target audience.

2. Display Work To Attract More Customers

People try to assess the competence of a business or a service provider by looking at its previous work. WordPress users can easily introduce a feature to display their work samples to prospective customers. There are numerous readymade templates as well as plugins that can be used to add a portfolio to a website. This feature will be helpful not just to artists and photographers but to all kind of entrepreneurs. They can showcase their best products or most successful projects on their professional website. This will give visitors a fair idea of the competence of the website owner. It will also help in creating a good reputation for the business.

3. Easily Add The Desired Functionality

WordPress is incredibly easy to use tool which gives total control to users over all aspects of managing an interface. Business websites need to be flexible and incorporate changes necessitated by user behavior. People can easily add the desired functionality to their websites by installing a suitable plugin. For instance, an entrepreneur notices that a large number of people are showing interest in buying her products online. She can easily add a virtual store to her interface by using an e-commerce plugin such as WooCommerce. Most such modifications can be conducted quickly and effortlessly without much technical assistance.  

4. Influence Buying Decisions Through Testimonials

A good way to impress clients with WordPress plugins and themes is by using them to display testimonials. People like to make sufficient inquiries about a product or service before making a purchase. They are interested in the item’s reviews and the feedback of existing users. A testimonial section can be easily appended to a WordPress interface through a plugin. Most business themes come with a dedicated section for showing users’ comments. This will help in leveraging social proof to establish a brand’s dependability. It is a powerful tool to influence the buying decisions of website visitors.

5. Include Social Sharing Options To Expand The Reach 

Social media has become an important platform for marketing products as well as services. All brands invest in creating a presence on a variety of social networks. Business websites must have a feature which enables visitors to share interesting content on their social accounts. The open source CMS lets users add the feature through social sharing plugins. These tools help in adding buttons which let visitors share content in a single click. This is helpful in expanding the reach of business and attracting more potential customers.

6. Provide The Convenience Of Scheduling Appointments

It is not only large corporations and e-commerce enterprises that are investing in building websites. A lot of professional individuals are also using virtual interfaces to promote themselves and attract clients. Photographers, consultants, doctors, and other professionals can add a feature for scheduling appointments to their interfaces. This will encourage visitors to fix meetings with the website owner. There are various appointment and booking plugins that show calendars and availability besides facilitating online payments.

7.  Easily Improve User Engagement Of The Website 

A majority of WordPress templates are responsive, lightweight, simply designed, and efficiently structured. Their uncluttered layout ensures that people easily navigate through them reaching any location in as few clicks as possible. Moreover, business themes have vital elements like compelling CTA buttons and contact forms. As mentioned earlier, a functionality which is absent in the pre-built layout can be added through a plugin. All these factors help in improving user engagement of an interface and increasing its traffic.


These are just a few ways to impress clients with WordPress plugins and themes. The open source platform empowers website owners to keep their interface fresh and relevant so that it attracts more visitors.

Author Bio

Jacob Graves is a Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd, a company that provides psd to wordpress theme conversion in a convenient manner. He is a passionate writer and loves to share Wordpress and SEO related tutorials.