Any Treatment Available for 4th Stage of Pancreatic Cancer in India?

The cases of pancreatic cancer are increasing each year. As per report for doctors, 53 per cent of the patients with pancreatic cancer is diagnosed at stage 4. So what is stage 4 cancer? Stage 4 cancer means that it has already spread to other parts of the body and is a stage that describes the spread level of cancer in a body. In this situation, it is hard to cure cancer and surgeons can improve the quality of life by providing the best care, reducing pain and other symptoms. 

In cancer treatment, an option a patient chooses also makes the difference in the result attained. Here are a few important cancer treatment options available for pancreatic cancer patients.


This is among the first line treatment that is commonly provided to every stage of patients. This process involves the use of the targeted medication that kills the cancer cells directly. This helps to increase the lifespan of an individual patient. In this doctor use gemcitabine alone or in combination with other medicines.

Chemoradiation therapy: 

This is a combination of radiation and chemotherapy and best suitable for pancreatic cancer. Chemoradiation is best used for treating cancer that is spread in organs near the pancreas such as the liver or lungs.

Palliative Surgery: 

This surgery is effective to reduce the alleviate symptoms like –bile dust stent or bypass and gastric bypass surgery.

Along with this, medications, emotional support and other factors definitely, help and support patients with stage 4 pancreatic cancers to get the best possible benefit from the treatment. Patients in this stage of cancer require the best care, medication and support from staff and family members. It is required to pick the best hospital that can provide affordable and reliable treatment.

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