Bhagyasri and Madhubala Back on Silver Screen with ‘Kitty Party’

South Indian director Sundar Pavan has finally made this possible.

It has been ages since faces like Bhagyasri and Madhubala stopped appearing in movies. Thankfully, both the actresses are soon going to hit silver screen again. 

The movie ‘Kitty Party’ is in the process of making and has six prominent ladies featuring in lead roles. According to the director, this movie is going to portray the lifestyle and narrate stories of six different live sewed together as one.

Bhagyasri’s views about the movie

The movie announcement has already made an interesting news. Fans are excited to hear that these actresses will be back with a bang on the screen. As this is a female centric movie, it is sure to have the chic elegance and class portrayed while ladies are shown enjoying their kitty games. 

Though it might turn into a funny news if the movie’s script turns out to be loose or copied. However, after hearing what Bhagyasri has to say about the movie, it might be the case that this movie isn’t all about the title. 

Bhagyasri told the media about what the movie is going to be and how are things going on while shoot. She explained, ‘It's so difficult for a man to handle one woman in his life. And our director is handling seven of us (laughs). Director Pavan is a man who has seen from the woman's perspective. I am glad to be working with such a director.  

She added, ‘The film is not just about having fun. The film is also about growing together, working for a better lifestyle, etc. It's slightly like 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Sex and the City'. In Kitty Party's characters, you will see one or the other woman in your life.’

Madhubala joins in too

Just like Bhagyasri, even this renowned actress was excited while talking about the movie. 

Madhubala said, "I am grateful to the director and the producer for this movie. Pavan is a young director with his own sensibilities. The makers have faith and courage in the movie's subject. It feels great to be doing this film when we are not 16-something. A few of us have aged.  

She further added, ‘And we have got this opportunity to be the leads in a film the way it happens in Hollywood. If Hollywood can do, why can't we? I am playing Pooja Jhaveri's mother in the movie. It makes me feel very happy to play a main role. Suman and Bhagyasri are my childhood friends and it feels great to be working with them.’

So, is it a copy of Sex and the City?

Some are speculating that the movie might just be a copy of the Hollywood flick ‘Sex and the City.’ However, going by the words of movie’s music director, it seems to have much more masala than the aforementioned Hollywood movie it was compared to. 

The music director Sidharth Sadasivuni, who has proved his talent in movie like 'Kshanam', 'Napolean', said that there is going to be six distinctive tunes for each of the major character of the movie. Apart from Madhubala and Bhagyasri, there will be actresses Sada, Suman Ranganathan, Deepthi Bhatnagar, Hariteja, Pooja Jhaveri and Harshavardhan Rane appearing in the lead roles.

In Conclusion:

The movie is supposedly going to be huge, audio wise and visually. I just pray that the south Indian folks don’t end up overdoing things that makes this movie feature in a funny news instead of being in the top trending bollywood masala stories.

I mean, I still Bhagyasri. What about you?

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