Dispel Initial Jitters – Going to School Should be a Norm Taught to the Students at an Early Age

Making your child realize the importance of going to school can be a challenging task. But, there are ways to encourage your child to be more responsible. This way, he will strive to excel and achieve the best he can in his school.

Help your child to be more engaged with his school teachers: 

Try to help your child develop a good rapport with his class teacher. This will drastically improve his academic performance, and he will be more outright in asking his queries. As a parent, you need to constantly be in touch with your kid’s teachers in school. Get valuable feedback and helpful information on your child’s progress. Your teacher is the bridge between you and your kid at school. Find out how he behaves, how he fares in his studies, and how he treats others at school.

Foster positive attributes in your child: 

Always focus on the positives in your child. Help him get rid of his negative traits by talking to him and making him understand the consequences. Take the support of his teacher (s), if necessary. When you focus on the positive attributes of your child, he will start liking his school, and it will be easier for him to make going to school as a norm.

Recognize that grades are not everything: 

Avoid showing your disappointment over his grades. Instead, focus on other areas where he is excelling in his school. His attitudes like attentiveness, interaction with other students, communication with the teacher(s), and concentration on studies – there might be a host of reasons why your child might not be scoring well. When you focus on the underlying problem, you will help him get good grades gradually. If you constantly remind him of his poor performance, he may start hating the school and may avoid going to school.

Enroll in a school where activities are given prominence: 

A school should provide a perfect environment for learning with fun and activities. A school that merely encourages kids to study in closed classrooms is never going to help the child. When a school promotes learning with joy, it helps the students get motivated to attend school regularly. The schools have to organize contests related to the co-curricular activities so that students can participate in large numbers. The reward system encourages children to be focused on their lessons with a promise of something that is worth earning.

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