How To Find The Right Orthopedic Surgeon For A Full Joint Replacement?

Get Referrals

Check with your doctor or physician to provide a list of best orthopedic surgeons in Dallas who specialize in the joint for which you need a replacement. Make sure to ask the reason for giving those recommendations. 

Additionally, you can also check with other doctors and general physicians for a broader reference. Tap into your contact list and talk to your friends and acquaintances if any of them got a joint replacement and take their suggestion. 

Gather all the details regarding the surgery, before and after effects of it, and other information. Use the internet and do some personal research with the help of online professional organizations who offer a wide range of options with detailed information on the surgeons. 

Evaluate And Research The Orthopedics Credentials

Once you gather all the referrals, take time out to go through the profiles of each doctor. Some of the main areas to focus on are their education, credentials, degree, and training amongst others. Make sure that the orthopedic does not have any negative remarks such as malpractice or disciplinary actions. All the details can be read about from any of the state medical websites. To get more intel on the surgeon, visit the websites of the hospitals where they practice. 

Inquire about the number of procedures or surgeries the surgeon performs annually. According to studies, surgeons that conduct 12 or more knee replacements or Total Knee Replacements (TKRs) have a higher rate of success. 

Similarly, hospitals that perform 25 or more TKRs are highly recommendable and have a good track record. Search for shoulder surgeon Dallas for more niche results. 

Specialty, Training, and Experience

The more experience a surgeon has, the better will be the treatment. Hence, it is important to consider the doctor’s experience and expertise in their particular field before shortlisting them. Along with the specialist's practice, most of them learn about new technologies, new devices, and the present surgical approaches and procedures that are taking place. Learn about their training. Also, if they have any experience with critical cases and the procedures they followed for safe results. 

Meeting With The Surgeon One-On-One

Once you have shortlisted all the doctors, fix appointments with each one for a one-on-one consultation. Discuss your complete medical history with the surgeon to get the best advice that will not affect your health or the replacement surgery. Some of the other important points to are asking them any question or doubts without hesitation, listen to their opinion. Make a list of question you have in mind to ask when meeting with the doctor before going so that you do not forget any major points. 

Have an understanding of your condition to be able to explain the situation better. While on the appointment, ask the doctor about their experience, previous cases, the benefits and risks involved, and where they will be performing the surgery. Further, inquire about the cost required for the entire procedure and the insurances that would be covered. 

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Know about your medical and health insurance policies and discuss this with the doctor. Consider all the options that are there on the table including the hospital quality, credentials of the doctor, experiences, and outcomes. 

A Second Opinion

In case of any doubts after the consultations, it is wise to take a second opinion before proceeding further. It is better to get a second opinion from a different doctor or clinic. 

Final Decision

Take all the time that is required in making a final decision. Consider all the options and the meetings with the doctors. Also, talk to the family members and decide with the best orthopedic doctors in Dallas