How to Sell Old Fashion Bags

Fashion bags are always in high demand. People love their designer handbags. Do you want a brand new purse, but cannot seem to fork over the money for one? Well, do you have any old bags that you are tired of? Sell your old designer bags and make some cash, to buy yourself a brand new designer handbag.

First, make sure your fashion bags are in the best shape as possible. Either take it to a professional cleaner that has cleaned handbags in the past or learn how to clean them yourself. Be careful; different materials require different attention. Do not just use any old detergent and old rag to clean your precious designer handbags. Detergents could make your bag look worse and permanently ruin it!

Try selling your old purse on eBay. Many people have been selling their old fashion bags on eBay for years now. Look up your designer handbag on eBay and see how much it is going for, and sell your bag accordingly. You can also set a reserve price to receive an acceptable payment. Say you want to sell your fashion bag for $1,000, but you don’t want the high price to discourage bidders from bidding. So you set a reserve price, and set the bidding price lower, so people will start bidding. You will not have to sell the purse for anything lower than the $1,000 reserve price. Keep the condition of your purse in mind as well. A purse that is in impeccable condition will sell for a lot more than a purse that is all messed up. Let the customers know exactly what kind of condition your high fashion bag is in. Explain in detail and take lots of pictures. People will appreciate your honesty and give you a high rating after they buy your purse, which will help you to sell more of your designer bags in the future.

You could also try selling your fashion bags on Craigslist. Craigslist is free to post your purse advertisement on. And sometimes if you are lucky, you can skip out on all that shipping hassle, because someone close to you may want to buy your designer handbag. They may even come to a location of your choice, because to them, your purse is worth it. Be careful about scams on Craigslist as well as on eBay. An always take somebody with you when selling your high fashion bag in person. Meet at a public location with lots of people and tell people where you are going and give them phone numbers. It is better to be safe than sorry, always take precautions.

Let the Creative Juices for Selling Fashion Bags Start Flowing

Hosting a purse party at your house is another way to sell your old used fashion bags. A purse party would be such a fun way to do it as well. Invite some of your friends over and have them all bring their old designer handbags and let the selling party begin. You could also just exchange purses as well. Call around and play around with the idea, let the purse juices start flowing.

Why not try selling your used fashion bags at a garage sale? Have your garage sale and get rid a lot of other junk that you do not need any more too. You will be surprised to see the amount of designer handbag treasure hunters that show up. Or if you cannot hold a garage sale of your own, perhaps you could find someone else that is having one and work out a deal for them to sell your designer handbag for you. It never hurts to ask, and again this will save on the shipping hassle.

Check out a few consignment shops to sell your fashion bags too. Look for ones that sell designer items. Do not just sign up for the first consignment shop either? Shop around and find the best price for your designer handbags. The consignment shop wants to make a profit, and so you have to shop around. You also have to gamble if you will make a better profit at a consignment shop on selling it online. You could always try selling on eBay or Craigslist first and then if you don’t get the price you want, try the other methods.

Fashion bags are definitely worth the investment, especially when you can sell them in the future. It may be tricky selling them at first, but you will get the hang of it. Try it out and see what happens; you may make a great profit. Then you can take that money and buy yourself a brand new designer handbag. Research your options; learn how to sell your old designer handbags at eBay, consignment shops, Craigslist, purse parties, or garage sales. And once you are ready, put your purse up for sale. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can buy a brand new top designer fashion bag.

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