Is Submitting Expense Travel Bills after a Tiring Trip a Frustrating Task?

When you have an inefficient corporate travel expense policy in your organization, then many stakeholders bear its brunt. Submitting travel expenses takes a toll on the company’s executives. There are varied reasons why an executive finds the task of collecting and submitting the bills cumbersome. Let us know why.

1.Collecting Small Bills

Submitting small expenses like the tolls, fees, and tips means that you have to handle a lot of receipts, and submitting these is too much of a hassle! Moreover, receipts are a must even if the amount is small. At the end of the business trip, the executive is left with a lot of bills to submit to the accounts department. This is an additional task other than the official documents that he has to manage when on a trip.

2. Delayed Reimbursement

Delayed reimbursements mean that the employees carry the burden of the balance. In some cases, the reimbursement period averages to five weeks or even longer than that. A slow payment turnaround by the organization is tough on workers, who have to pay from their own pocket. They may have their personal utility bills to pay or something along those lines. This takes a hit and the employee starts avoiding corporate travel tips citing one or the other excuse.  

3.Forgoing Minor Expenses

The employees simply do not want to deal with the lengthy bill submission procedures. Many of them, therefore, forgo some minor expenses. Even the small bills add up in the long run. If taken in its entirety, the employees are surely the losers. The executive is already tired after the business trip, which may last for anywhere between 2 days to 5 days or sometimes, for a week. But he has to collect all the bills, sort them out as per his company’s corporate travel policy rules, and submit only those that can be reimbursed. This surely is a frustrating task!

Solutions to Corporate Travel Management Process

  • There are some solutions, by which, the process of managing corporate travel expenses can be made easy and smooth.
  • Pre-approval for some of the necessary expenses will save the executive from the balance burden.
  • Some high expenses like stay, food, car rentals, airfare bookings etc. can be reimbursed at a faster rate. The other miscellaneous expenses like the tips, fee, tolls etc., are reimbursed at a slower pace but within a defined time limit.
  • Automated software like some good mobile app has to be employed, wherein, the executive can submit a snap of the bill as and when he receives it. This expense report is submitted as the expense is occurring. 

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