Mandatory Security Features for Web Hosting

Most of the people are moving towards online businesses because it gives the opportunity to grab customers from all across the globe. In the same way, there is a large number of hosting companies that started their businesses by providing identical and significant features to the customers. You need to identify the best hosting company for your website and online stores. Best web hosts drafted by ihosting reviews can be good options for you.

However, security issues are always important to be handled by hosting companies. The customers must look for the best security features being delivered by hosting companies. Some most important security features for your web hosting are described below.

Secure and Own Datacenters

The number of hosting companies is increasing, and some of them are using the others’ data centres, especially those who cannot afford their own data centres. You must look at the data centers and servers of the hosting company before buying their services. It can be a security risk for your website, and you must see the security features of servers of your hosting company. 

Furthermore, you must ensure that the hosting company is monitoring the servers by surveillance cameras and restricted access. Your website will be hosted on servers, and the security of servers will be directly related to the safety of your site. That is why the protection of datacenter and servers is essential.

SSL Certification & Protection

There are different kinds of SSL certification for the security and protection of your website that is being served by the hosting companies, i.e. domain validated the certificate, organization validated certificate and extended validation certificate. You must ensure that the company gives you the SSL certification according to your requirements. 

Domain Validation Certificate can be used for simple websites or blogs, and Organization validation certification can be used for the small business, organizations or e-commerce stores. Instead, the extended validation certificate is widely used by large enterprises or most confidential organization’s data security.

Daily Backups

The backup of the website is the only thing that can recover your business after losing data accidentally. Most of the web hosting companies provide the facility of regular backups of the data. However, you just need to ensure that the web hosting company is serving you by maintaining the regular backups of your website. You will be able to recover your site through these backups after any accidental loss; otherwise, your business will be poorly destructed and you will be unable to retrieve it without having backups.

Firewalls & Anti-Spam Filters

Firewalls and anti-spam filters play a vital role in the security of the website. These features help you to limit the access to your servers from unauthorized resources. Anti-spam filters identify and alert the users about risky or harmful emails and help you to get warned about the toxic content. These features help the user to be protected from the harmful links too and protect the website from any kind of loss through malware or unauthorized access.

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