Priya Prakash Varrier Did Memes Actually Helped Her Become A Sensation?

Slowly, meme culture is becoming an evident part of our country. Soon, there will be a time when your grandma will be forwarding you funny J.K. Rowling memes (or funny Indian memes).

Though, Indian meme culture is not anything like the American meme culture. Indian memes barely get appreciated on social media platforms like Reddit. The reason behind that is our memes are not like American memes. Memes originating in American are filled with dark humour. Our desi Indian memes are also funny and contain humour but they are relatable only to those who are familiar with what's going on in India.

How desi memes are different from angrezi memes?

In India, anyone who has become a global sensation can become a meme. Frankly speaking, memes have become so crucial that its now even a part of Indian politics. You can call 'Rahul Gandhi' the meme queen of Indian politics. As he is always going viral on Twitter and ultimately becomes the part of trending memes.

But our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is also giving a good competition to Rahul Gandhi. Which is why, you can even call him the meme kind of Indian politics meme. Especially in this election season, you can easily spot a Papu or a Chowkidar meme while browsing the social media. 

Apart from the politics Indian billionaires like Anil Ambani has also become the part of trending memes. But today, we are going to talk about some other meme, Priya Prakash memes. 

Priya Prakash Memes

This girl doesn't need any introduction. But in case you still don't know Priya Prakash Varrier, she is an Indian actress who made her debut in OruAdaar Love. Though, she became an internet sensation before her debut on big screen. Thanks to the clip that globally went viral. And now, she is known as the wink queen who went viral overnight. 

She went viral after the video clip from 'Oru Ada Love' went viral, in which Priya is winking and doing flirtatious stuff that made boys go crazy. Now, she has become a viral crush and her memes are equally going viral with the name of wink girl memes.         

Even her first meme was a compilation of political meme featuring over one and only Modi Ji. The meme was hilarious, as it featured the Modi Ji blushing and hiding his face, along with the wink scene of Priya's video on the side.

First becoming a viral sensation, then a meme star might not have benefited her to move ahead in the career as clearly, her movies aren't doing well on the box office. But these memes certainly helped her to gain millions of fans. 

What about Her Acting Career?

She might have become popular and national crush but her debut film OruAdaar Love, didn't come out what it was expected to be. When media asked the director of the film, Omar Lulu about this unexpected outcome, he said he couldn't make the film according to his original plans since producers made him change the script to highlight Priya Prakash Varrier's role.

Not just this but Noorin, co-star of the film claimed that her role was sidelined andPriya's role was solely highlighted in the film. Though Priya denied, anything of that sort has happened. She said the everything posted on social media isn't true and her role didn't get any special attention after getting viral.

Whatever the case be, she made excellent content for the meme maker. What do you think?

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