Secure Child with Parental Control Apps

Smartphone addiction and risks in the digital space is a common concern for parents. Any news on cyberbullies and harassment on kids springs Goosebumps. Good news is that parents can control these unpredictable incidents!

Seize the opportunity to secure kids from the mouth of digital danger by using parental control apps. If you are wondering what should be the right set of features in the best parental control app, then here are pointers for your evaluation.

Features to Look out for in Best Parental Control Apps

Many devices or apps provide free parental controls working independently of each other. While Google offers SafeSearch platform, YouTube provides an entirely different app for kids. Same way Android devices have a different set of digital parenting methods and Apple devices has a different one.

Although we have parental controls in each app or device yet, parents need an advanced all-in-one app functioning all day all night on the kid’s phone. Parental control apps not only ensure digital safety but help parents in managing kid’s physical security. How? We will see that soon!

So, let's dig deeper into what features are necessary for a decent yet simple parental control app:

Location Finders

With the change in the parent-kid relationship, kids avoid revealing their location to parents. And learning kid’s whereabouts is the most comforting feeling a parent can experience.  It is imperative for parental control apps to have GPS enabled location finder.

The app should be capable enough to find the kid’s location on the map. Most apps offer this solution out of the box. So, the first point to evaluate the most basic parental control app should be location finders.

SOS or Panic Buttons

Travelling to remote or unidentified locations often calls for emergency situations. Especially, teenage girls are always under the scanner by roadside eve teasers. In such circumstances, kids should not find themselves freaking or entirely helpless.

Giving kid’s a button for safety is every parent’s wish. Thus, the parental control app should offer an SOS or panic button, which can immediately contact the parent or guardian with the crisis location and allow calling the kid. 

App Blocker

Often kids try to imitate parents or elders by wearing elders’ clothes or using similar mobile apps.  Dating apps, gambling apps, e-commerce apps, etc. are not kid’s playground. Even some gaming apps like GTA Vice City etc. display adult contents that can create a wrong impression at a young age.

App blockers seem to be the only way to stop access to inappropriate apps. Every app can design the blocker in different ways. Many apps allow blocking from the list of apps on child device while others list down a category sheet to select from.

App Store Blockers

A couple of apps have intelligently restricted downloading of apps. The concept might sound a bit too strict but works well. Apps should have the provision to disable the restriction when kids request for a new app.


Having a location finder is excellent, but parental control apps need to take a step forward and introduce an advanced way of capturing kids’ location. Defining a virtual boundary for your kid’s safety provides real peace of mind.

Each time your kid crosses the geofence, parents should receive a notification. This notification is merely a tracking technique to ensure a kid’s safety.  If you don’t find your kid back in the geofence in due time, you may begin the search operation.

Over Speeding Alert

Kids have an instinct to drive fast without fear of their life. Rash divining at times is a cool quotient for kids, but parents lose their sleep at such hours.

As they say, “Precaution is better than cure,” over speeding alerts are a useful technique to keep a watch on your kids driving speed.  Most apps do not provide the feature; without a doubt, this feature is a big hit and will go a long way!   

Fight Phone Thieves

Losing cell phone or phones getting stolen is one of the most common carelessness teens experience. Believe it or not, most teenagers lose their phone once in their lifetime, and it is imperative to safeguard their data and locate the phone in time.

Apps can offer this good to have feature, to protect kid’s data and ensure the safety of the phone by locating the phone well in time.

Call Monitoring

Several parents are concerned about calls from unknown numbers and inappropriate callers. Often,  known callers or friends harras kids for fun or other ulterior motives. What action can parents take? Well, parents can take charge of the situation and block these callers.

Parental control apps need to be equipped with call blocking techniques; both incoming and outgoing calls can be handled.

Child Request Technique

It is good to discipline your kid using parental control apps. However, children should also get the right to request for modification, if required. Requests ensure a fair practice on both parent and child side.

Pick Me Up

Children often find themselves stranded at remote and isolated areas; getting a means of transport back home can be challenging. If kids have access to an app informing parents about their location and request, wouldn’t it be easy?

Restrict Screen Time

Kids are so addicted to cell phones that they can take the phone to bed, dinner and every possible place they manage. Sometimes the addiction becomes dangerous and needs appropriate controlling.

Screen time controlling is a big issue parent face today. Apps need to neatly capture this feature and allow parents to set schedules and separate schedules for apps.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App

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