Top 10 Kurtis Design Patterns

Kurti designs matter a lot. When it's for everyday casual wear or to make a style statement on a unique event, kurtis are definitely the most popular Indian wear. You wear with jeans, leggings, jeggings, churidars, salwars, or pair them up with skirts or shorts! You Will Need the right kurti layouts to make your outfit stand out.

There are 10 Kurtis design patterns 

Layered Kurti:

This kurti designs idea is the trend today. It charms trendy and traditional. And it's a certain must-have  salwar suits catalog  if you want to keep your party game.

You can pair up with: Leggings,plazzos, Ankle pants.

Anarkali Kurti:

It's among the classic kurti designs, bust-end to round the legs such as an umbrella. The source of those Anarkali suits back into the Mughal Era.

You can pair up with: Ankle length pants, narrow pants.

A summer essential, a style statement, and pretty much an embodiment of all coolness, kaftans would be the ideal balance of swag and comfort.

You can pair up with: Leggings, narrow pants.

Pakistani Kurti:

Pakistani kurti designs are known for their free-flowing form. They aren't exactly fitting, unlike most Pakistani wedding dresses. However, they sure are a summer rage.

You can pair up with: plazzos for cool summer.

A-line Cut Kurti:

A-line cut kurti design catalog have existed since forever, giving the impression of the form of a capital letter A.

You can pair up with: Churidar,leggings,jeans.

Jacket Kurtis:

For those haters who believe that jackets are old information, think again. This Jacket kurti is looking gorgeous outfit for women.The market is bringing with various jacket style kurti design and you need to have one also, 

You can pair up with: Straight pants, leggings, plazzos.

Tulip Kurti:

It's a cool kurti style with all the tulip shape design on the hemline that creates a statement. It a gorgeous wrap-around idea.

You can pair up with: Ankle jeggings, churidhars,etc..

Overlay Kurtis:

His kurti design is a design statement/must have/wardrobe essential. It's classy, and it looks like hollywood style.

You can pair up with: Plazzos,lehengas, patialas.

Apple Cut Kurti:

His one chooses inspiration from the apple cut tops but those kurti designs are considerably more than just a tear away. They are the ideal gamine kurti pattern!

You can pair up with: Dhotis,slim fit jeans.

Kedia Style:

For those who wish to experiment a bit, this is a good bold appearance. I don't recommend it for everyone.

You can pair up with: Dhotis

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