What Happens If Prostate Cancer is Not Treated on Time

Prostate cancer is a deadly disease and is common among men. When a person is diagnosed with this cancer, he may choose to get the treatment or may ask a doctor to monitor and not to treat. 

Prostate Cancer Treatment in India is effective and provides a complete cure when treated on time. In some cases, people go for no treatment if the cancer is growing slowly based on biopsy results. This way of treating prostate cancer is known as active surveillance. This means that treatment will be started only when cancer starts growing. 

Some cases are noted where people choose no cancer treatment due to various serious medical problems or short life expectancy. Such patients feel that side effects or risks associated with the treatment overweigh the potential benefits. 

As per experts, this is generally true in certain circumstances. Thus, in such situations, it is best to consult the best doctor and discuss the problem. 

What Happens If Prostate Cancer is Not Treated on Time?

As per expert physicians, there are few diseases that are often left untreated. When it comes to prostate cancer, there are few cases that are left untreated. Such cases are discovered with the diseases that are still present at the prostate itself and do not spread in other parts of the body. This type of disease is known as a local disease or localizes disease. 

Best Cancer Doctor in Delhi specifies that the treatment of this disease is easy and can be done once it is confined to the prostate. At this stage of cancer, radiation and surgery can completely cure the disease and removes the cancer cell. On the other hand, if the cancer is left untreated, this can lead to a number of problems later on.   

Where Prostate Cancer can spread if not treated?

If the problem is not treated, this can flow to other parts of the body through different paths.  This can cause cancer in other parts of the body and can be dangerous in life. If the cancer is left untreated, do you know where it can spread in a patient’s body? As per cancer specialists, if an individual is diagnosed with prostate cancer it can grow and spread outside the prostate to local tissues or distantly to other parts of the body. This place it can spread is the nearby tissues. It can then spread to the lymphatic channels down to the blood vessels or nerves that enter and exit the prostate or can erode through the capsule surrounding the prostate. 

Moreover, it can also spread to nearby places in the bladder or rectum. In addition, if the treatment is not initiated for prostate cancer on time, it can enter the blood vessels and lymphatic channels and can even spread to the lower spine, femur or pelvis. With this, it is important to know that prostate cancer is a complicated disease and requires special care and treatment. There are various options available in medical science for the complete treatment of this disease.

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