Why the Franchise of a Known School Is Better Than Opening an Independent One?

From the words of Nelson Mandela, education is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon that can be used to bring about a change in the world. Also, quality education is the sole right of every human being. So, if you are planning to open a school, you are surely doing a very noble thing. You are undertaking this noble task, and venturing into an endeavor to teach the budding minds. Setting up a quality school will help you prepare and empower the next generation to survive in this competitive world. Truly, the sole hope of human salvation lies in teaching (George Bernard Shaw).

Hardships Faced When You Plan to Open an Independent School

Well! Let us say it beforehand; opening an independent school is no easy task. Here’s why?

  • There are umpteen rules and regulations to be followed prior to setting up a school like clearance certificates, NOC, registration processes etc., everything has to be meticulously planned and executed.
  • The infrastructure of the school right from the building, its location, building layout & construction, staff, faculty to the syllabus has to be taken care of.
  • Promoting the new school means huge investments in marketing and advertising.
  • Getting funds will prove to be an arduous task in the long run.
  • Managing an independent school requires that you coordinate and prioritize efficiently and it will prove to be a major headache in the long run.

Getting a School Franchise Is the Best Option

A franchise is a proven business model that follows a structured business plan. Here, the owner of the business or the franchiser licenses a third-party known as the franchisee to operate the business using the franchiser's business name and systems. The franchisor and the franchisee agree upon the terms and conditions including the time period, revenues and profits and the business functioning.

“With a franchise, you have someone other than you who cares much more about the business and the brand because they own it!” 

Statistics Speak

If you are to go by statistics, then the franchise business is booming and continues to grow by 3% every year. The education sector is seeing robust growth with investments pouring in to the tune of $150 billion in the previous year. 

Benefits of Opening a Franchise School

  • A franchise school already has a strong business foundation, and you don’t need to start from scratch.
  • The franchise school business reduces your initial setup cost, and lessens your financial risk.
  • Franchises provide the necessary guidance and assistance all along. They help you to design the syllabus and curriculum. They provide the initial training and ongoing support till the franchise is able to operate competently and manage the routine administration on its own.
  • Franchises have a proven track record, and you need not put much effort into advertising or promoting it.
  • Franchise school satisfies your entrepreneurial dreams without much risk.

Starting your own independent school and hoping that it takes off is a good idea; but the doubt remains that it may or may not succeed. But, when you get a school franchise, there is no such risk or doubt; it is a sure-shot success; and you are much closer to doing your bit for your noble campaign.