5 Best Apps to Create a Professional CV

After finishing college, every student starts stressing over the process of entering the job market and practical life. After spending quite a lot of bucks, it is an understandable and justified desire. However, if you are one of those students who has just finished the degree, you must know that landing a well-paying job is not an easy task to do and you will have t struggle a lot. It is not something that is served on the plate. Even if you have graduated from the top university, employers now look at several more things in order to finalize a candidate. For that, your CV is the greatest asset you will have.

Make sure that you have mentioned all the highlights of your professional life and education in the CV. The hiring managers only call the people for interview of whom the resume is highly attractive and creative. Make sure you are creatively portraying your skills, learning, and abilities and connect them with the benefit of the organization where you would be working. The employers want the benefit of their company so it is important that the candidate clearly mentions that. Additionally, the format of the resume also plays a vital role in attracting readers. To get an excellent well-constructed resume, the following are the best apps to consider for making it.

Curriculum Vitae

It is an android based application which can be easily downloaded from the Google play store for absolutely free of cost. It is the most preferred mobile application used by people all across the world for generating resumes considering its simple and straightforward user interface and CV generator tool. You don’t need to master the technological skills to use this app. Just fill in the required form with your details and the app will generate a perfectly structured resume which you can then download on your device in the PDF version.


If you are an IOS user, MY-CV is the top-rated mobile application for professional CV makers level creativity and organized data. You can download the app from the app store for free of cost. This particular app not only assists you o make a new resume but also provides the option of editing or modifying an already existing one. You will have to connect your Dropbox account with it to get the resume downloaded after it is ready. Another interesting thing about it is that it provides the option of making your personalized webpage which the employers can check. Furthermore, it also offers options for connecting with other professionals in your field.

My CV Maker

This one is another Android-based app available free of cost on the google play store. You can edit and modify an already designed CV through this app. Whether you want to edit the entire document or just a particular section, this app allows both the options. Additionally, it also offers the option of transferring an image from your phone gallery to the app which is an excellent feature if you want to make your resume a visual-friendly document and want to add in icons and images.

CV Mobile

It is the most advanced yet simple to use iOS-based application used for the constructing of resumes by a number of people. It has a modern user interface with the highly advanced feature, yet they are very smooth and easy to understand. It is not free of cost, but the money you would spend on its purchase will be worth it. You can easily make a resume using this application and also develop duplicate copies of the same details tailored according to the type of job you want to apply for. Additionally, it also has the feature of extracting the information from your LinkedIn profile and mentioning it on the resume.

Gro Your CV

It is another iOS-based application available free of cost and perfect for the people who are more into volunteering work. In this app, you can feed the volunteer work you have done and it will translate it into your capabilities and skills that are better understandable for the employers and hiring managers. Additionally, you can also add to your interests and skills to find out the suitable volunteer options around you. It is a great app for students, especially who want to grow and enhance their resumes by doing voluntary work during their student life.

CV plays a vital role in the landing of a well-paying job and often people completely disregard it but it is the fact. If you manage to construct an impressive resume, it will get much easier for you to land a job in your desired field and organization. It is the only thing about you that the employers see and take a decision for considering you further therefore, it should be absolutely attention-grabbing and creatively professional. 

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