Celebrate Teenagers Birthday with these Unique Gift Ideas

Teenage is the best phase of an individual’s life. It is basically an age between 13 to 19 years which is considered as the period of adolescence. It is an era in which we live in a fantasy world and don’t worry about the future. We just live in the present and spend our time laughing, talking, studying and making friends. 

All teenagers are so much excited about their birthday. Their excitement can be picturized from their faces months ago. So, it becomes the duty of all the elders, family and friends to make their birthday a special one. They have so many expectations from you guys about cake and most importantly for their most awaited Special Gifts for Birthday. Now the question arises that what to buy for their birthday gift which can bring a bright smile on their face. There are countless options of gifts available on the internet so you need to browse there for Online Birthday Gifts.

Funky Birthday Gift Ideas for Teens

When it comes to Birthday Gifts for any teenager, you become confused because there are so many alternatives are available in market and e-commerce websites. But you want to purchase something trendy and cool at a reasonable price. So, here we are providing you the shortlisted Best Ideas for Birthday Gifts to the Teenagers which can be gifted for boys as well as girls:

Goggles: Sunglasses would be a smart choice for a gift. It is suitable for both girls and boys. Smart and trendy goggles give the stylish look hence what would be better than these goggles. All teenagers think about their look a lot.

Backpack: If you gift something to the teenagers which they require then it will be more than enough to make them happy. Every teen needs a smart and latest fashioned backpacks for their small trips and also not to mention, to show off it in front of their friends. 

Perfume: Perfumes are also one of the best gift choices. You can surprise your teenager buddies with their favorite perfumes.

Cool Coffee Mugs: Well, I’m not a teenager but still a coffee mug will be the cutest gift for me and I would love it. You can gift them a 3D mug with a cute picture, coffee mug with a picture of their favorite actor, cricketer, singer, etc. It is the best gift option because we take our mug as our personal property and don’t want to share it with anyone which makes it a quite personalized gift.

Watches: Watches provides a better look and add some decency in one’s personality. It serves both as a fashion accessory as well as a sign of your grace. For 17-19 yrs teens, you need to choose some decent type of watches while for 13-16 yrs kids, you should go after cool looking watches. Boys would love the sporty type of watches while girls will like the simple and sober watches.

If you are a teenager who wants to gift something to your friend and looking for Bday Gift Ideas for Best Friend but can’t decide then you can think about the above-stated options. These are the most suitable things you can gift to your best friend. 

Birthday Gifts for Boys 

Deciding a gift for boys is much easier than that of girls. Even thinking deeply for hours won’t help you to decide a gift for a girl but it is not the same in case of boys. Actually, planning Birthday Gift For Boys is fun because there are not so many choices, unlike girls. But, we have come with a list of unique birthday gift ideas for boys, let’s have a look:

Video Games: Boys so much like video games at any age. So, you can gift them a piece of their childhood in the form of a video game.

Shoes: Shoes are also one of the most important parts of boys’ life. You would have seen in everyday life that most of the boys don’t focus on their clothes but they do focus on their shoes. So, you can think about the choice of shoes as a Gift For Teenage Boy Birthday. 

Cricket Kit: You can take it as a universal fact that all boys, regardless of age, love playing cricket. So, if you are planning to gift them a cricket kit as a birthday gift then be ready to receive a big thanks. They are going to love it.

You can plan a small trip for them with their friends.

Birthday Gifts for Teen Girls

You can gift the common things like a new dress, a sling bag, footwears as a birthday gift for a girl and she will be happy but if you want to surprise them with some special type of gift then you need to put a little effort. Here, we have mentioned some special ideas of Gift For Teenage Girl Birthday. Have a look and decide for yourself:

Accessories: A fancy neck piece, bracelet, bangles or an anklet which can go well with almost all her dresses will be an impressive birthday gift for girls.

Teddy: Gift the favorite cartoon character teddy to her like a minion, angry birds, etc. and she is going to love it.

College: Also, you can gift her a beautiful collage of the unforgettable moments you have spent together.

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