DesignEvo Review - An Easy-to-Use Logo Maker

A logo is a multi-functional marketing tool, allowing the public, to easily and immediately recognize the brand. Logos usually include a text section, usually corresponding to the name of the brand or company, and contain a visual section intended to represent the image of the company in the minds of consumers.

There are some basic features added to the logo design so that your logo could be perfect.

1. Durable: Make sure that you can use your logo over and over again and that it is as timeless as possible.

2. Clear: Your logo should be legible and recognizable in all sizes and colors (black and white).

3. Simple: A customer should be aware of your logo quickly and yet be sufficiently clear what your company stands for.

4. Individualism: Your logo identifies your company. Therefore remain original and clearly recognizable.

Fortunately, for beginners, there are a number of smart tools that can help you create an attractive logo and build your own brand from scratch. Graphic design programs, online services, and professional designers are competing for your attention. So which method should we choose? Taking time and budget into consideration, I recommend using convenient online tools to create your logo. DesignEvo is one of the super easy-to-use online tools allow anyone to create a logo in minutes.

How to Design a Logo with DesignEvo: 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Choose a Logo Template

Start by clicking on "Make a free logo" and select the theme of your logo. Then you can choose from the vast library of professional logo templates. Once you have selected the template you prefer and entered the name of your company, you will go directly to the editor of DesignEvo.

Step 2: Customize the logo with Icon, Text, Shape, and Background

Then, DesignEvo logo creator provides you to choose from a large number of icons, which will best fit your field of activity. Besides, you can simply change the text font of the template. It also easily adjusts the size, color, and position of the text, so that the icon and text will be in perfect harmony. What’s more, DesignEvo offers a range of shapes you may need, so that you can add a square or circular frame that will highlight the selected icon. If you wish, it is also available to further customize your logo by changing the background color of the logo. 

Step 3: Download the logo

DesignEvo allows users to download a low-resolution free logo. But if you choose to order a plus plan, then you can download your logo on a transparent background, vector files, or copyright ownership package.

Featuring a clear and easy-to-use interface, DesignEvo allows users to create a personal logo with color, text, shape, background that will give a remarkable identity to all types of company. Anyway, users do not require any specific knowledge of the design. You can easily access 9000 + templates to design a professional and identifiable logo in no time.

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