How Choose a Best Coffee Maker | Step by Step Guide

Coffee maker is an essential part of our lives because without a best coffee maker we can’t live the finest mornings. Right? But when it comes to choosing a best coffee maker, we always get confused in picking up the most suitable coffee maker. 

In-fact, we leave a lot of bucks on the table and in return all we get is a drip coffee maker which is not what we expected. I am about to give you the exact information which will help you in getting the best possible coffee maker out there on the market.

But here is one thing that should always keep in mind. The good quality coffee makers always comes with the high-end price tag and the ones with the low cost are definitely not going to give you what you’re looking for. That said, let’s dive into the how to choose coffee makers guide.

Coffee Makers for Home

Back in the days when the coffee makers put their first steps on the market, they were absolutely simple by offering only the coffee brewer, coffee pot and the only on/off button. Till now many gadgetry stuff has been added to the coffee makers which not just make the use the of the coffee maker easy but also provide many options which results in best possible coffee ever. Here are some of the facts that I would like to make clear to you before you go for the best coffee maker.

Coffee Maker with Automatic Drip

Here is the real deal. A coffee maker with the automatic drip is more convenient than the one that don’t offer the automatic drip. This type of drip allows you to program the coffee maker overnight and when you wake up , a nice cup of coffee is ready for in the morning. It’s killer feature that some of the best coffee makers offer. So make sure before buying a coffee maker, does it offer an automatic drip? If yes, then great you’re good to go. 

Thermal Carafe or Glass Carafe?

It doesn’t really matter which type of carafe you’re using with the coffee maker. The only difference would be the capacity. For example, if you’re into thermal carafe than you would have more capacity than having a glass carafe. There might be a one or two cup difference in the capacity but that’s not a bigger problem.

Coffee Maker with Grinder

Nonetheless, there are coffee makers that offers a grinder too where you can convert the coffee beans into coffee grounds. A basic coffee maker doesn’t offer this feature where on the hand you have to grind the coffee yourself. A headache right? To avoid that, coffee makers like Breville the grind control offers a grinding feature which is way convenient than many other drip coffee makers on the market. 

Dripper Should not Make Mess

Most of the coffee makers you might have seen on the market are the ones that when the carafe if removed from the dripping, the coffee maker still spill some the drops of coffee on you countertop. It’s quite annoying. Whereas, we also have some best coffee makers that works opposite to it. It means when the carafe is removed you won’t find any drops dripping from the dripper. So make sure you get this type of coffee maker.

Slow or Fast Coffee Maker?

Obviously we would always prefer a faster coffee maker. Who would like to have a coffee maker which not only take longer to even heat up the water in the reservoir but also the brewing process takes longer right? Unlike them we have some fastest coffee makers that take just a few minutes to brew a nice cup of coffee. So before you make a best coffee maker choice, don’t forget to check out its brewing time.

Ease of Use

Coffee makers with simple operations are the best. The coffee maker should always be powered with the most convenient control having instructions on it along with a nice LCD screen. This way you’ll know what exactly you’re doing with the machine. So consider these things before buying a coffee maker instead of choosing one blindly.


Above six points that I mentioned can help you a lot in getting a better countertop coffee maker. It doesn’t matter whether you want a coffee maker for home or office. Following above points properly can help you a lot in getting the best possible coffee maker on the market for any place. If you’re living with your family, then you’re supposed to get a coffee maker with large capacity. But if you’re a single person living in a small apartment, considering the one-cup maker is best option for you. In the end thanks to the different coffee maker companies for manufacturing some great coffee makers for us that last long and give us the coffee of our dreams every morning. 

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