How to Choose the Color for Accent Wall?

Selecting the right color for your accent wall can be a difficult and confusing situation for most of the homeowners. For making your room elegant, the number of color does not matter, the thing that matter is the selection of right paint color that matches with the surrounding of your room.

A right selection of paint color will provide you a better visual ambiance for your property. Moreover, it is also said that the paint color of your room will affect the mood of the individuals. If you are looking to grab the attention of your guest’s for a particular room, then painting your accent wall is one of the best ideas to consider. 

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To help you out, the following are the five important things that you need to keep in mind when selecting the color palette for your accent wall:

1 Learn the Basic Color Theory

Colors have the power to alter your mood and also the looks of your surroundings. The two colors theories are listed below:

Warm Color Theory: This theory focuses on the way how to make your space look smaller. Warm color works best for the long or open rooms for a balanced look. Some of the best colors are red, orange, and yellow.

Cool Color Theory: This theory is the opposite of warm color theory. The color here will make your room look bigger and broader. Selecting green, purple, and blue themes will also make your room bigger. If you are planning to paint the interior of your property with these color options, hire the interior house painters from an experienced painting company.

2 Have a Look at the Color Palette of Entire House

Before making a final decision regarding the painting of your accent wall, it is recommended to review all the rooms of your house. You should do a survey to see all the colors that are present in each room. You should understand that walls are the foundation of accent colors. If you are not having a proper idea about the foundation, then you will not be able to build a better visual structure.

You should use the color of the accent wall that complements with your wall. If the colors do not complement each other, then you will not get a good appearance within your room.

3 Picking Color on Room’s Purpose

Before you pick the color for your accent wall, you should think about the purpose of your room. Every room is having a separate purpose and every color is having a different psychological effect. Following are some of the colors with their psychological influence and purpose they can be used for your room:

Orange: The emotions stirred by the color include fun, independence, enthusiasm, creativity, and adventurous. This color can be used for stimulation, expressing freedom, drawing attention, communication, fascinating.

Yellow: This color gives emotions related to positivity, opportunity, enthusiasm, happiness, spontaneity. The color affects mood, stimulate, awake awareness, gives relaxation, and encouragement.

Red: This color represents energy, attention, excitement, passion, and courage. This color can be used for encouragement, stimulation, for drawing attention, caution, and emergency.

Blue: This color elevates the motions regarding trust, self-expression, inner freedom, self-expression, honesty inner security, and responsibility. The color is used for trust, creating order, relaxing, creating calmness, and reducing stress.

Purple: This color trigger emotions related to imagination, sensitivity, spirituality, and compassion. This color is used for encouragement, creativity, inspiration, creating an impression of luxury, combining wisdom, and power.

Green: This color provides leisure, safety, harmony, reliability, and balance. The color is used to restore energy, relax, balance, and revitalizes.

Pink: This color stir emotions regarding admiration, love, compassion, and immaturity. It is also used to increase the pulse, motivate for action, fascinate, encourage for creativity, and communicate energy.

Neutral Color (White, Black, Brown, and Grey): This color trigger emotion regarding reliability, neutrality, authority, elegance, authority, power, honesty, and comfort. The color is used to create warmth, implying commonsense, stabilization, hiding feelings, developing a sense of composure.

4 Learn About Your Room

Before you select the color for the accent walls, you should look at the items in your room and the color of those items. The reason to do this is that having lots of colors in a single room will not look nice. You should go for a unique color for variations. 

For instance, if you are planning to bring the plants inside your room, then you are already bringing the green accent within your room. To further enhance the look of your room, you should select a green color palette for your accent wall. For further help, you can contact professional local painting contractors. They are aware of the latest trends and will tell you the right color to pick according to your room.

5 Have Purpose of Accent Wall in Your Mind

What’s the purpose of painting an accent wall? The selection of color palette will be based on the purpose of your room. You should have the answer to the following questions to have a clear purpose in your mind:
  • Looking for a way to freshen up the look of your room?
  • Planning to break the traditional look of your neutral walls?
Once you will get the answer to these questions, then you can select the right color for your accent wall according to the purpose in mind.

This was detailed information on how to select the best paint color for your accent wall. An accent wall is a great opportunity to add creativity in your room and making the room attractive as well. Looking to paint your commercial or residential property? You can get in touch with residential painting company to give a fresh new look to your property be it residential or commercial. 

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