Mix Metallic Details with Your Kitchen Interior for a Bit of Drama

A kitchen is a place in your home where you are spending a lot of time cooking for your family and loved ones. This is also the place that becomes the witness of many memorable moments, conversations, thoughts and memories. And when some many things happen in the kitchen, don’t you think you just cannot ever afford this place to look monotonous? 

Yes, when it comes to designing the kitchen interior, it is necessary that you think of making it look beautiful, perhaps dramatic even so that monotony or boredom can never touch the place. How that can be possible? Well, the perfect interior design of a kitchen is not just about choosing one or two fixtures. It is more. It is about putting different elements of style together and make it work like wonder. How? You can do it with the right amount of metallic details with the rest of the décor. Take a look at the following points to get some creative ideas.

Metal Appliances Juxtaposing the Wooden Cabinets

Two most prominent fixtures in a kitchen interior are cabinetry and the kitchen appliances. When the cabinets occupy your wall and the beneath of the countertop, the appliances sit side by side, creating a strong style statement for your kitchen interior. Now, if you are wondering how to make the kitchen look dramatic, then be rest assured, the appliances will perfectly do the job for you. How? For example, when you are choosing white cabinets for your kitchen, you can introduce a dark contrast with black shiny appliances. Or to give a modern sleek finish, steel and grey can be a part of the scheme.

Metal Accent with Accessories

Who has said that when you are opting for a functional kitchen, you cannot add style in it? A modern kitchen is all about the right importance on style as well as on functionality. So, when you are choosing RTA cabinets wholesale, you can opt for metal accent with the right accessories with it. For example, with a wooden finished RTA cabinet, you can opt for steel handles and knobs. With a vintage-looking white cabinetry, the set of copper handles will create undeniable magic in your kitchen interior. Such metal accent won’t be too prominent in your kitchen but will add a subtle touch of sophistication for sure in the décor.

Metal Sink and Faucets

Maybe you are designing a country kitchen. Or an oriental one. For the kitchen interior, the kitchen sink and the faucet are important designing elements as they claim enough attention and visibility in the décor. So, when you are thinking of designing a kitchen that will remind you of the old country feel, a deep large steel sink with steel faucet can look seamless. For an oriental kitchen, a bowl like a copper sink with a copper or brass faucet will create an unforgettable style statement. The key to design a kitchen like this is simple. Don’t ignore any detail of the place as you never know which one offers you an amazing opportunity.

A Chandelier

Now, this is the final touch of elegance, class, and sophistication in your kitchen interior. Maybe you are following the strict traditional route of designing your kitchen interior. You have chosen everything wooden. Now, it is time that you add a focal point that will not only break the monotony of the design but will also add the touch of metal. Go for a big bold chandelier for the kitchen. It alone will take care of the rest.

So, now as you know about these ways to add the touch of metal in your kitchen, what are you waiting for? Go for accessories while buying wholesale kitchen cabinets and forget your worries.

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