Tools Used to Develop a Mobile App with their Features

Mobile application development is a blessing to companies all over the world. Every single service that a business provides to the customers is present in a mobile application. Customers can access any service needed with a single click on his/her smartphone. There are only two aspects that differentiate one business from another, products and services. But what if products are the same and businesses are dealing with each other in a perfect competition market. Service is the only differentiating factor in this era. Mobile app development fulfills that need of the business by providing effective and efficient services to the customers. Mobile app development helps the companies to attract new customers and retain old customers, in turn increasing the company profits. Therefore, it proves to be boon for all businesses across the world. 

To create something phenomenal that is beneficial to business owners and also the customers, its functioning should be proper. For proper functioning, the process and the tools used to make it successful is important. New tools and techniques that are used to develop a mobile application are:


Also known as Apache Cordova, PhoneGap is a mobile app development framework that uses JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 to develop cross-platform apps for different operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS. Advantages of using a tool like PhoneGap are:

It develops a single application that works in all mobile devices
It can incorporate with various libraries to enhance the app development process
It makes the development process faster and easier with lesser efforts for various mobile applications
Strong tool for developing apps without any need of special skill set.


Microsoft owned software which is most preferred by the developers for native applications. It is a software that reuses logic layers and data access cross-platforms. More than 1.4 million developers are familiar with the use of the following software and therefore there will not be a scarcity of talent when it comes to the development of an app by the business.

It allows deep linking which means it is a use of a hyperlink that links to specific content on the website
It has an easy cycle of build, test deploys and repeat as it uses C++ programming language.
The software tends to result in fewer bugs and provides faster time to market.
It has the ability to create high performance shared libraries.


Also known as the Titanium SDK, Appcelerator is an open-source framework used to develop hardware based apps. The software is used for both the platforms, native applications, and cross-platform applications. It supports Android, iOS, Windows and also browser-based HTML5 applications. Titanium SDK has an open market place where developers and users sell or share templates, extensions, and modules.

The application uses JavaScript programming language which is widely used and helps mobile app development companies to access the large talent pool of developers.

It requires fewer lines of code to develop a mobile application

It has a higher cloud capacity limit

The tool allows creating dynamic animations and other effects.


Sencha Touch is a software written in JavaScript that is specifically built for the Mobile Web. It is a framework to create native apps that is compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry. it is a mobile app development tool that offers a high level of responsiveness. 

Sencha’s code can be translated using any other tool like PhoneGap.

It has a unique feature that it enables to use it through the touch of fingertips rather than any mouse or keys eventually increasing the responsiveness of the application and improving the customer satisfaction

It reduces dependencies on multiple libraries and versions

An apt tool for developing a native app without wasting much of time 


It is a mobile app development framework created by Max Lynch which is mainly used for hybrid mobile app development. It has a complete open-source SDK and uses CSS, HTML5, and SASS like technologies to build the application. Due to it's built up on top of the AngularJS framework, it becomes easier to develop applications.

Automating app delivery which helps the developers to directly send the release update to users without any special talent requirement

It has great tools and services to create highly interactive apps

Web developers can create apps for all major app stores with a single code base using Ionic

If a developer developing a mobile application is not aware of its requirements then it is a tough decision to make from a plethora of options available in mobile app development tools. Therefore, for a mobile app development company, it is very important to list down the requirements and compare it with the features and advantages of the mobile app development tools.

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