What Are The Different Types Of HR Outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing is a process of the organization’s all or specific human resource functions to an external company. Human resources is an important department for any organization and planning to hire an in-house HR or outsourcing does not require much of a strategy.

The department takes care of various management issues. While the in-house department may manage some, some human resources may need outsourcing. This may be due to a lack of software or the company having outdated software. Depending on the scale of the organization, that is small, medium or large, whether or not to outsource may be decided by the organization.

There are different types of functions that a business can outsource according to their requirement. Any organization would only hire the best hr outsourcing company in Hyderabad for all their human resource requirements. The functions are listed as the following.


For a small scale business, hiring new employees is not a difficult task. Whereas, for a large scale organization, bringing in new staff requires relatively more extended time and has to invest in the hiring process separately.
Hiring also involves interviewing the candidates, selecting them, and training them. HR outsources take care of creating and placing ads for jobs, sort out the received applications, interviewing them, and then making the right offer. Hiring an HR for the temporary purpose might not be affordable. Hence, outsourcing is a great option.


Various small organizations involve human resources in doing payroll management, especially if it offers benefits that require deductions. It is advisable for an organization to consult a payroll management company to see if outsourcing payrolls would benefit the employees.

One of the major benefits of outsourcing payroll is the accounting department of the business has less load and can focus more on handling the finances of the organization and provide reports. There are various accounting services in Hyderabad that an organization can outsource to according to their requirements.


Offering benefits to employees can increase their productivity and help you retain them in the organization for long. One can consult a benefits consultant, and they will help you create affordable packages yet beneficial for the employees in a way that does not affect the company’s finances much and also reduces its expenses.

Another benefit of outsourcing this HR function is that the benefits are purely calculated and offered on the basis of an individual’s performance. This way, an organization can ensure the right calculations and also avoid any misunderstandings that may arise.


The health of the employes has a direct impact on the organization’s growth. Healthy employees cost the organization less health care expenses, reduces insurance coverages, and also are more productive which in turn boosts the growth of the company.

There is comparatively less absenteeism, tardiness, and on-the-job injuries. An organization can consult their health insurance provider about the various wellness programs available and decide the one that would help its employees as well as the company the best.

Policy Guide

It is important for a company to have a policy guide that helps them run it efficiently. Further, the policy guide also avoids any legal procedures which include fines, lawsuits or penalties. Hiring an expert in this field or outsourcing this particular function to an outsourcing organization would be best as they have full knowledge and help you avoid legal procedures at all cost. Some of the practices it includes are grievance policies, expense reimbursement procedures, harassment policies.    

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