5 Language Features for Excellent Persuasive Essays

An essay is a personal interpretation on a specific topic. It must be written in prose and in a formal and respectful tone in a brief and clear way. The word "essay" is derived from the Latin "exagium" and means "Presentation of a case". And unlike the scientific essay, it does not always demand that your opinions be supported by quotations or sources. Although doing it enriches it.

In writing persuasive essays the writer follows a number of strategies, corresponding to the field of writing, which constitute its characteristics at the same time. Then, it is pertinent to mention some of them, as well as a brief description of these:

Focused on the subject

Being the type of discourse par excellence the Persuasive essays always be focused on the subject or group of subjects that serve as the target audience, that is, to whom the essay is addressed, in order to achieve their conviction and change of attitudes or thoughts. In this way, being a buy essay with intentions of manipulation, as some theorist has defined it, the text is always directed and focused directly on who has been identified as the target audience.

Use of Personal Pronouns

Likewise, as a consequence of this permanent focus on the audience, the writer of the persuasive essay will make frequent use of personal pronouns, especially the "I" and the "you" in order to achieve an effect of identification, that helps the writer to achieve the attention and conviction that he seeks in his target audience.

Targeted Affirmation

Likewise, the Persuasive essay has the property to present to the audience a "claim" or "sentence", in a clear, direct and precise way, seeking that the reader understands the position of the writer, assuming it as true, without having the opportunity to choose between that sentence and another. That is to say, that the writer leads through his affirmations to the readers to a certain position. To achieve this characteristic, which is crucial in the development of persuasive essays the writer must make use of specific strategies that help him achieve his objective, among them are the following:

Pose the need: then, the writer must submit a complaint, so that the reader is tuned in the sense of need that the transmitter wants to transmit, a fact that makes the mind immediately seek the solution or satisfaction of that need.

Arguments: in this period the writer shows why this need, as well as its solution, is so important.

Show the solution: immediately, when the need is implanted in the mind of the readers, the writer must show the solution or satisfaction, as well as at least three arguments on which this solution is based as unique, definitive and absolute.


When the reader has already been convinced that there are a need and only one way to solve it, the writer urges the audience to act, i.e. to acquire the product that is for sale or to make the decision that is desired by part of the audience.


Finally, it is important to emphasize that the main feature and tool that the issuer of a Persuasive essay has is to be fully convinced of what it defends or shows its audience because you cannot convince a public if you have not previously been convinced. In this way, the best tool that has this type of issuer is to appear convinced, that is, it seems that he already inhabits the other shore from where he calls the others to cross.

Ethics within the Persuasive essays

This type of essay as long as it is used with great success- has the main characteristic of producing in the readers the implantation of ideas, decision making, and even specific action. Therefore, the writer of this persuasive essay must always keep in mind the notion of ethics, knowing that it must not manipulate the population or a group of people with personal or negative purposes.

In this way, the writer of the persuasive essay must at all times avoid showing his partner's false evidence, which seek to awaken in these certain feelings that are not based on true facts, since in addition to manipulating them for their own and particular purpose, which he would be doing based on cheating. In the name of Ethics, the writer must base he do my essay always on truthful arguments, born of real events, scientific studies, and verifiable surveys, among others.

Likewise, the undue manipulation of the public's emotions must be avoided at all times, as well as leading the audience to controversial situations that seek to create poles and confrontations. In addition, the effects or negative consequences of the actions that are prompted to be taken must be shown at all times. Finally, the Persuasive essay shall never and at no time appeal to destructive or self-destructive actions that cause harm to the readers or to third parties.

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