Best Destinations For Adventure Lovers In The United States

Everyone dreams of going to The United States of America someday, if not reside there, at least visit the country once in their lifetime. While some go on vacations for leisure, family, others go for checking off all the places in their bucket list. For adventurous spirits like those, below are some of the most adventurous places you can while in the US. You can book Cosmos Holiday Packages from Dubai

Yellowstone National Park

One of the most adventurous destinations for outdoor enthusiasts, Yellowstone National Park, from scenic beauty to thrilling hiking trails, has a lot to offer tourists. There are multicolored pools around hot springs, never-ending greenery, geysers, and vast meadows. 

You might find elks, buffaloes, grizzlies while on your hike in the national park. With the place full of canyons, geysers, mountains, and waterfalls, one can easily check off more than one boxes off their bucket list with this trip. 

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is among the top destinations for adventure-lovers. This natural wonder has always been expanding with the help of the Colorado River and has a massive number of visitors every year. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Grand Canyon is always crowded, and if you are looking for quiet places, then you could travel to the North Rim. This place is dedicated to housing people who love backwoods camping and advanced level hiking.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, located in California, is one of the best natural landscapes for both nature lovers and adventure lovers. The park spreads over 1200 miles with breathtaking views such as towering waterfalls, cliff faces, unique rock formations, trees as old as can be, and more. 

However, most of the available tourist activities take place within the Yosemite Valley that spreads across 8 square miles. You can avail guided tours, rock climbing and more while in the place. 

Lake Tahoe

Located on the border of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe, with its scenic landscape beauty captivates tourists and leaves them mind-boggled. With its steep granite cliff sides, towering mountains, crystal clear waters, waterfalls, and so on, it attracts millions of tourists each year. 

Although only the blue lake is worth the visit, you can also become a bit more adventurous and walk along the miles of hiking trails, ski in winters, and more. 


Anchorage, one of the most sophisticated cities of Alaska now, was once filled only with tents. This city flourishes with hikers, fishermen, skiers, wildlife watchers, and more. The city is filled with vibrant flowers and picturesque landscapes during summers, hence, making the city the best time to visit. 

The city is great for people who love night-life in a different city lifestyle. There are great nightlife places, zoos, museums, and more. You can book from Cosmos Tours and Travels in Dubai


This Big Island has everything from snow-covered peaks to black sand beaches to lush rainforests to hardened lava deserts. Apart from being a honeymoon destination, Hawaii sports a lot of adventure places such as its fantastic hiking trails, state parks, and so on. 

Further, Hawaii has beaches that are much above the regular colors you see. In other words, there are beaches in the colors you probably have never seen before. 

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, though lesser known places, offers some of the most magnificent hiking trails for its visitors. Its miles of open space is left for tourists to explore and enjoy. There is also skiing available in the city for those who want.

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