What Are Microbeads In Toothpaste?

The concept of having microbeads in the toothpaste is not new. For a long time, they were added in the toothpaste by the scientist to make the toothpaste abrasive. This was an innovation at that point and was used by people. 

But with time it was found that the microbeads that are used in the toothpaste do more harm than good. The effect was so much so that it was banned by the government. 

But what are microbeads and what harm does this cause so that we ended up banning the same? 

Microbeads, as the name suggests, are small plastic beads which are smaller than 2mm in size. For a very long time, they were used in various products of cosmetic nature and also in toothpaste. They are used as an exfoliant in the products and add as bulk in personal care products and increases the life of the product. Moreover, it did not add to the cost of the product, hence, were widely used. But seeing the damage it causes to not only the health of the individuals but also to the environment as a whole, it was decided to call ban for the same. 

Damage to the environment

Being plastic in nature, microbeads are non-biodegradable and when escaped in the water beds from the drain poses a threat to water life. And since the size is extremely small they easily pass out from the drain reaching the water bodies. 

Because the size is too small it can be mistaken with food by fishes and other living creatures and they consume the same. The same seafood, when consumed by humans, makes these beads enter our body causing damage to our system. Since these soak up the pollutants in the water, it becomes difficult to remove the same. 

Not only from the cosmetic products and toothpaste but the usage of microbeads is also banned from the environment altogether. 

Dental Damage 

The time when people were using microbeads embedded toothpaste, it was found that most people had it stuck on their gums. These beads did not dissolve with the acetone or did not wash away with water rinsing getting stuck to the gums. Slowly this meant that they are trapped in the gums which leads to gum disease such as gingivitis. 

Moreover, the abrasive attitude caused due to these kinds of toothpaste helped the enamel to wear off which leads to sensitivity and also decay. The quality with which it was launched proved to go against it and thus leading to issues in the Oral Health. 

Abrasive toothpaste was introduced to scrub the stains on the tooth surface but using toothpaste which is too abrasive, besides leaving stains will also remove the enamel which is the protective layer on your tooth. Not only toothpaste, but we should also not use the toothbrush which is too abrasive and hard in the material. 

Before you go shopping for your dental needs make sure to consult the dentist in your nearest dental clinic. They will guide you well as to what will suit your need for the same. 

Scientists will always be going to innovate and there can be chances that whatever they introduced can prove to fathom in the future. But it is through these innovations that we have developed and progressed. 

Surely we will come up with ways to introduce something new in the system which works as what these beads were introduced for and we will move towards the concept of green chemistry wherein we will be able to introduce the products which will prove to be healthy not only for us but also for the environment. 

The progressive approach is very important to get to the level of not wasting even a bit instead of investing more which will eventually lead to sustainable development. 

As far as your dental health is concerned, it is always advisable to visit your dentist and get suggestion about the toothpaste or toothbrush to use for good oral hygiene

Make sure you take a dentist appointment every six months as a regular check on your oral health cause no harm but can make your teeth look and function better. 

Keep exploring about new options which are majorly about improving your dental care as oral health is a window to your overall health.  

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