What Do You Need To Know About Data Capping?

The data cap can also be referred to as "bandwidth cap". It is the data limit imposed by the internet service provider. There would be capping of data if you exceed the limits as per the internet plan. Being the top broadband services in Gurgaon, we suggest you learn about the data capping pros and cons. Later, make your decision. When you have the basic knowledge about how to avoid such limitations, it becomes easy to enjoy the uninterrupted internet experience. If you want to get a good broadband connection in Gurgaon, you can actually seek help from DEN Broadband. 

Why Do Internet Service Providers Limit With Data Cap?

There will be a certain limit on usage for every internet plan you choose. It is decided by the ISP. The consequences might include internet speed slow down, extra charge for usage above the data limit. Some other times, you might lose the whole internet connection itself. But, why do ISP do it? Data caps help to relieve the congestion and reduce the need to throttle the users. 

We at DEN Broadband have observed that people tend to get frustrated. By consistently providing the best broadband services in Gurgaon, we have figured out the solutions below. This how you can learn to bypass the data capping problem. 

How To Avoid Data Caps? 

All of us hate to own a bad internet connection. Do you agree? We need a good browsing experience at any cost. When customers purchase broadband connection in Gurgaon, we suggest them with the following tips. 

Utilize Google Data Saver

One way is to use data saver. It works on Android, iPhone, laptop, etc. When you use data saver, the majority of the web traffic will pass through google server. Later, it gets downloaded to your device. Here, google servers compress the data. So, very fewer data enters your device. You can also use the google data saver extension plugin for chrome. It should help you in a good way. 

Disable AutoPlay Feature

Are you an extensive social media user? Do you spend more time on social media like Facebook and Instagram? The videos play automatically when you browse through your news feed. These unnecessary activities are just eating up your data. So, the first step is to disable the autoplay feature in the settings. It also leads to minimizing distraction when you are online. 

Observe Data Hogs

You might have to check out for some data hogs. If you are using the home internet connection on the high end every month, it is the most needed step. You can cut down the usage by carefully monitoring. Does your router have bandwidth management? You can work on it to save some Gigabytes of data. Suppose you stream videos, check whether you are using the right quality. It is not always a necessary factor to use 1080 HD quality. You can lower it down to 720 px too. Most of the times, they do not make much difference. 

Check What Is Happening At Peak Hours

Some internet service providers cut off data usage during peak hours. So, we suggest you to just go through your ISP's website to learn more. Or, you can also directly call them up and enquire the details. Generally, the internet speed will be faster during midnights. Also, there will be no data cap imposed by many ISPs. So, utilize this opportunity whenever needed. For example, you can put for downloads during such a period of time. 

Is all the above tips a big failure for you? Then, DEN Broadband would suggest you go for a bigger broadband connection in Gurgaon. This is the last option you have! 

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