10 Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

Mobile Application Development continues to see phenomenal growth. The year 2018 saw extensive research continuing and variety of apps being released globally. No wonder 2019 is going to be something bigger and more advanced than before, as far as Mobile App Development is concerned.  Newer apps as well as opportunity to upgrade existing apps with advanced features cannot be ruled out in 2019. We can safely say that our smartphones might need some more space to accommodate the new arrivals.  Here’s what we can look forward to.

The Trend Setters OF 2019

Artificial Intelligence: There is a wave of artificial intelligence across the globe! Most of the progressing industries across the globe are using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 2019 and onward is sure to see a continued upward swing as far as AI and ML is concerned with studies estimating the market value of close to $40 billion by the end of 2020.  This proves that more sectors are eyeing to have the system integrated together with human intelligence. Every enterprise, big or small is looking at an AI-based system, towards a secure and successful business venture.

Blockchain Technology: Most of us are well aware of the kind of influence Blockchain technology has had and continued to have in the business world. Though having launched only a couple of years back, the Blockchain technology was in its elements already, by the end of 2018 and showed what it can deliver. Major financial institutions and investors have reaped huge benefits especially when it comes to assets. If recent indications are to be believed then the Blockchain technology market is anticipated to hit the $20 billion mark by 2024. These propositions are enough to indicate the type of demand Blockchain development is in for very soon.

IoT and Wearable Apps:  The rapid pace at which technology is gaining control over the world is justified by the way The Internet of Things has become an industry itself and evolved with time. This technology has gained enough popularity amongst today’s tech-savvy audience with people being able to exercise control over non-IT activities too, via apps. IOT is here to stay for a long time and the trends indicate that many industrial sectors will adopt this technology on a large scale.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): It has been nothing short of a sensation ever since the world was exposed to AR and VR. Major mobile app companies are investing their life out when it comes to ‘beyond the screen’ technology. AR and VR are set to rule. Not only in 2019 but beyond as well, with an estimated market of over $ 200 billion, projected by the end of 2023.

Instant Apps: Mobile Apps continue to gain steady popularity as user-friendly resources. Instant apps not only increase user base but ensure memory efficient services. The other conspicuous aspect of these apps is that they will be able to expand the user base. These platforms have steadily become more popular among mobile users in the recent past. The very fact that one need not install these apps to enjoy its services proves that instant apps will have their place earmarked for 2019 and beyond, in the minds of the people.

Mobile Wallets:  Payment systems have never been the same again. Thanks to the influence of E-commerce and online banking systems. Mobile wallets have shown a sensational improvement and tremendous growth in online payment options for users. The trend is far from over. 2019 is sure to see more additions to this family.

Enhanced App Security: The more the number of Mobile Apps, more security features. Though advanced security features are already in place, hackers somehow continue to have their own way! Enhanced security Apps will continue to play a very important role as every app needs to be secured and safe. Moreover, several new apps are including the payment or money transaction feature that also requires perfect security. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (APP):One of the latest presentations from Google, the Accelerated Mobile pages is aimed at improving the speed of mobile pages, especially when it comes to loading. These pages are of high quality and designed to perform across all mobile devices. For any business enterprise, the ultimate objective is customer satisfaction and great user experience and AMP is designed to do just that for the users.

Enterprise Mobile Management: 2019 is going to see a considerable rise in the need for enterprise-level mobile apps. Enterprise 

Mobile Management is going to be the talking point for most of the established entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs in the making.2019 is expected to see a major change in these services with respect to security and management.

Application Performance Management: This is a key resource which helps you monitor the very performance of your application. There is a going to be a good amount of time and energy invested in ensuring the performance of applications through a strong APM system  The year 2019 and beyond is going to give a good amount of focus on building versatile applications.

In the End

The trends for 2019 and beyond indicate a significant rise in mobile app development and progress at a rapid speed. The competition to is likely to be intense.

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