How to Configure a Netgear Wireless Router

Netgear Router Setup- In our daily routine, WiFi routers play a very essential role. Millions of users across the globe use these Netgear WiFi router machines to obtain and share high-speed and continuous internet connectivity with multiple other devices (wired or wireless) as well. As a matter of fact, its necessary to understand the concept for quick and easy Netgear router setup.

For Wired Connection: How to Configure Netgear Wireless Router

The installation and configuration for the Netgear wireless router for cable or wired connection is quite easy. Just a few easy steps to follow to get the job done within a matter of minutes.

·       It is best to use the modem and router of the same brand.
·      In the first place, connect your existing modem with the internet port of your Netgear wireless router and your desktop with any of the four LAN ports. If you don't have a desktop, then you can make use of a laptop instead.
·      Power ON your devices (computer, laptop, and modem), and wait for them for some time to boot up properly.
·   Open any web browser of your choice and type Netgear router login IP address (default) ( or in its URL bar.

Netgear WiFi router login page will appear on your home screen.

·         Enter the login credentials to Log In.
·         If your router is old, then there are chances that you might have changed the login credentials. In case you remember them, then use them. And if you don't then there is nothing to worry. Simply reset your Netgear device. To do so, grab a paper clip and insert it into the reset hole of your router for a few seconds. Once the LED lights on your device start blinking, release the button.
·         After that, click on Setup Wizard option.
·         Click Yes > Next.
·         In case you are using a static IP address (any) then fill the IP address else keep the Dynamic IP. Once done, click on Next.
·         At last, Click on SAVE.

If you have followed all the above mentioned steps carefully in right order, then fab! you have successfully configured your Netgear router. In case you are still finding any difficulty, without any hesitation dial a toll-free number 1-844-897-9854 and ask us for Netgear support.

For Wireless Connection: How to Configure Netgear Wireless Router

To establish an uninterrupted wireless connection, you need your Netgear wireless router wirelessly to connect your laptop or desktop firstly.

Now, we will guide you with the simple and quick method to set up a Netgear router wirelessly.

·    First of all, connect the Ethernet cable from the existing modem to your Netgear router's internet port.
·         Turn ON your modem first. Wait for the LED lights on it to become solid green.
·         After a few minutes, turn on your Netgear router.
·        Load up the WiFi connection manager and find the WiFi network name or SSID name of your Netgear wireless router.
·         Connect to the network name.
·         Open your preferred web browser (any).
·         Enter in the address bar fields.
·         Type routerlogin net admin password (default or personalized) into the required fields.
·         Follow the on-screen instructions as per mentioned over the home screen and set up your device with ease.

If you have any concerns or suggestions in setting up your Netgear wireless router, accessing the Netgear router login page, or routerlogin net not working issues, then without any hesitation feel free to drop your feedback and comments below.