Tips To Complete The Huge UPSC Exam Syllabus in 2019

In 2019, planning your UPSC preparation is very important. The competition is just growing every year. If you do not get fixed with a strategic plan, you will lose the game!

You have such a huge UPSC Exam Syllabus in in front of you. How to complete the entire thing within a particular time period? Is it possible to remember so many things at once?

These are the common questions running in your minds. Am I right? Here are the simple tips you can follow and experience the smooth preparation. Just eliminate all the hassles out of your way.

Properly Understand The Exam Requirements

It is always good to have a complete idea about the exam pattern, syllabus, and other regulations. If you take up  IAS Coaching in Delhi, the institutes will take care of educating the aspirants.

Learn about the eligibility criteria and a number of attempts. You will get all the information about UPSC from the official website. Do not forget to check it out.

Pay Attention And Be Serious About The Exam

Of course, I need not emphasize on this point. But it is very important to be serious about your dream career. Approximately, 10 lakhs of students get registered for this exam.

All your seriousness starts with the understanding of UPSC Exam Syllabus. Among 10 lakhs of registered candidates, only half of them will take up the prelims exam.

Surprisingly, only thousands of candidates reach the final merit list. Look at the reduction in numbers. This should trigger your enthusiasm to score top rank in the exam.

Update Yourself About Current Affairs

Current affairs preparation is the most important aspect of the UPSC exam. Most of the candidates who join for IAS Coaching in Delhi seek the advantage of best mentorship.

You need a good knowledge of current affairs to score good marks in all three levels. Please follow up with "The Hindu" newspaper consistently.

It is okay if you get bored! Relax and refresh your mind. Again get started with current affair preparation. Do not stop until you get a posting.

You can also refer to some of the standard magazines. It helps you to keep the knowledge updated.

Use the Internet Wisely

Internet is an absolute masterpiece! You have all the information right at your fingertips. It does not mean that use all your time surfing about UPSC exam on the internet.

It is not wise to spend hours together just to get your doubts cleared. Do not allow the internet to kill your precious preparation time.

Of course, there are hundreds of blogs and videos to help you with information. But, it is better to select a couple of best resources.

Later, follow the same on a regular basis. Please avoid spending hours together in front of the internet.

Always Stay Focused and Dedicated

It is extremely important to retain your concentration power throughout the preparation journey. You must understand one point clearly.

Students take one year to prepare. This is one face of UPSC exam. On the other hand, the exam itself is conducted for one whole year. It takes place in three different phases.

So, having patience is highly demanded. Many candidates get distracted and discontinue the preparation. Prepare a suitable study plan in the first place.

Follow the same sincerely. Consistency can only bring you success. Please do not go behind free study materials. Fix to one set of standard learning resources. Ignore the rest!

By now, you are aware of the fact that UPSC exam syllabus is complex in nature. Keep the above tips in mind. So, you can complete the preparation successfully. 

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