Tips To Prepare For UPSC Without Paying High IAS Coaching Fees

Here is good news for all the serious IAS aspirants. Now, you can prepare for the exam without paying large IAS coaching fees. How can you even do this?

You might have heard that UPSC is the toughest exam to crack. But, the right blend of hard work and consistency will help you to be successful.

When UPSC preparation is considered, candidates start worrying about joining any best IAS Coaching in Delhi. How much does the course costs you?
We have found a way to minimize expenditure. Look into the smart ways which you can easily implement.

IAS Coaching Cost - Decision Making Factors

The total cost of your preparation depends on the mode of coaching you choose. Keep this in mind before deciding upon the cost.
Also, the cost of UPSC coaching depends on the place of the institute. Choose your requirements carefully. The cost might go up or down based on your final list of requirements.

Think Twice Before Choosing Classroom IAS Coaching

There is no doubt that good quality institutes offer the best mentorship and coaching. However, it is not an affordable option for the candidates who have financial limitation.

Many aspirants prefer to choose Best IAS Coaching in Delhi when it comes to UPSC preparation. The starting range of offline coaching is 1 lakh INR to 1.5 lakh INR. Sometimes, it can be more also!
If you prefer to move out to a new location, the cost adds up. It depends on your accommodation and food. The minimum amount for this would be 1.5 lakh INR.

Online Preparation Helps To Cut Down The Cost

Of course, the online course demands you to go for self-preparation. Unlike offline coaching, you have to plan your studies by own. Many students find this option helpful and comfortable.
The cost is less when compared to classroom coaching. The integrated course itself will not cost you more than 80,000 INR. If you want to buy any particular portion of syllabus, it is still more economical.

For example, if you want to purchase only test series, optional subjects, or study material, it will not cost you more than 40,000 INR.

Students find it easy to prepare from home and comfortable speed. Otherwise, you can also find free learning resources online.

Buy Only Important Books

Please buy only books which are necessary. Do not waste money on bad books. You might have chosen online or offline coaching, this tip applies to you.

Few standard UPSC books are highly necessary for preparation. If you join the best IAS Coaching in Delhi, they will provide the proper guidance. Otherwise, you will end up wasting a lot of money as well as time.

Some of the most preferred books are NCERT and standard reference books. The cost of these books will not go above 20,000 INR.

If you research properly, it is possible to find a soft copy of NCERT and other important books online. They are available for an economical price. Do not miss to give it a try!

Final Words - Cost Effective IAS Preparation
To conclude, I can proclaim that online courses are absolutely cost-effective when compared to classroom coaching. If you cannot afford offline institutes, you can still prepare by spending low IAS Coaching fees

In today's internet era, you will get abundant of information online. But, you should be smart enough to pick the right ones. Later, plan your studies accordingly. Any serious and dedicated IAS aspirant can clear the exam without paying high coaching fees. 

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