Wedding Dress Alterations: 7 Tips Every Bride Needs to Follow

Trying your wedding dress for the first time is completely an unforgettable moment for every bride. A right fit dress makes you feel confident on our wedding day and also enhances your natural beauty.

Well! Lucky are those brides who just pick their wedding dress from the store, and it fits them perfectly. But most of the brides need to have their wedding dress altered for perfect fitting. So, in this case, ensure your bridal attire fitting at least 2-3 times before the final day. Here are some useful tips for Dress Alteration Galway that every bride should follow to wear the wedding dress of her dreams.

1. Choose something closest to your size if possible

If you choose to buy a wedding dress that is too big, it will require a ton of altering work, and you can never be assured that the final item will perfectly fit you.

On the other hand, if you buy a too tight dress, there will not be enough margins to make the necessary alterations. Therefore, pick something that doesn’t require too many alterations.

2. Schedule three dress fittings

Experts recommend brides to have at least three wedding dress fittings. First fitting should take place three months before the wedding day, the second one before a month of the wedding day, and the final one before two weeks of your wedding day.

3. Be mindful of your anticipated wedding weight

Most brides go for workout sessions to look slim on their wedding day. But, once you start your wedding dress alterations, it’s better to maintain a consistent weight.

Gaining and losing weights by the brides is a major stress factor for the tailors. As the major fluctuation in weight will lead to major fitting adjustments.

4. Pick your tailor very carefully

The one offering you low rates may not always be the skilled professional to make wedding dress alterations the way you want. Do complete research of the alteration professional in your area beforehand to choose the right one.

5. Bring the right bridal accessories

When you leave for the first fitting appointment, it’s extremely important to bring all the bridal accessories that you plan to wear on your wedding day. It includes your undergarments or your wedding shoes. Remember, if you decide to wear tall heels rather than flats on your wedding day, it can greatly affect your wedding dress alterations.

6.Speak up if doesn’t get fit in the second fitting too

It might be possible that your wedding dress doesn’t fit you in second fitting also. Don’t freak out. Ask your tailor to make necessary alterations. Being vocal helps you to avoid too many fitting appointments. 

7. Include alterations in your wedding budget

Make sure to include your wedding dress alterations in your overall budget. While alteration cost may vary from dress to dress, it may cost you several hundred dollars.It means the more you want to customize the dress, the more you will spend.

Getting your wedding dress altered is an exciting experience. But, no need to settle for a dress that isn’t altered the way you want it. We recommend having your final wedding dress fitting at least two weeks before your wedding day to look comfortable and flawless on your wedding day.

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