10 Interesting Facts about Women you Must Know

Maturity Comes Early

Scientists at Newcastle University in the UK have discovered that mental connections are optimized quicker in girls than boys during the childhood and adolescent years. This is why women are found to mature quicker in thought processing and emotional areas than men. This isn’t some random myth we are trying to pass as fact the study was published on December 19, 2013, in the cerebral cortex. So maybe just accept that women are more mature.

Colors Are Different

We all know how men know colors such as blue, green and the like. But women, on the other hand, would use azure, periwinkle, fuchsia, salmon, crimson and other such otherworldly names for colors. Oh, maybe that’s only because women have a larger vocabulary to describe the colors they are seeing right. Uh, no research suggests that the wiring differences in visual areas of the brain contribute to how men and women see differently sharper eyes.

Monthly Pains

We have all heard from the women in our life that menstrual cramps are hell but how many of us have actually felt their pain, you surely can get an idea of their pain. Recent research reported by CBS Detriot has shown that menstrual cramps during a women’s menses can be just as painful as suffering from a heart attack. What, a heart attack! Guess what, there is a name for this hell dysmenorrhea it is the most common menstrual disorder and affects 20 – 90% of women of reproductive age.

Maternal Death

People say that motherhood is the most beautiful thing for women and is also the most important aspect of her life. But they probably never told you that around the world one women dies every 90 seconds in pregnancy or childbirth. Every 90 seconds that add up to 350,000 women every year. If this isn’t already earth-shattering for you then wait for this the vast majority of these deaths are preventable.


Every married man has one complaint regarding his wife. She never lets him speak and there is proof that men are not exaggerating women speak about 20,000 words a day some 13000 more than the average man. And guess what scientists have even found a reason. A study suggests that higher levels of a protein are found in the female brain. The language protein as they call it made living beings chattier and while humans should women to be talkative in rats it is the males.

Smaller Brains

How many of you smart men have bragged about your knowledge of having a bigger brain than women? Congratulations you look stupid it because that was just half the information. Now even though male brains are 9% larger than female brains, both have the same amount of brain cells. This basically means that brain cells in women are merely packed together more densely. Now repeat after us, we won’t brag about half knowledge.

Longer Lives

Whoever said numbers don’t lie was a genius. According to the latest CDC figures, the average American man would live to age 76 while the average women live to see her 81st birthday and not only will she live longer but also healthier. The world health organization found that American men can look forward to 67 healthy years. While American women will enjoy 70 years of full health seems like the “superior” half isn’t the healthier half.

Lipstick Hungry

What is the one makeup product that most women would have in their bags we thought as much. So many times we see women applying and reapplying lipstick in the elevator at the desk and God knows how many times in the washroom. But where does all this lipstick go fine transfer to tissue is one thing but you can note that they don’t absorb or ingest most of it. And how much lipstick would an average woman eat in her life? About four pounds keeping in mind that they apply it every day of their life starting in their teens.

What to Wear

There is no denying the fact that women take forever to dress up come on they’re never satisfied with their outfits and take a lot of time to select the perfect dress. But did you know that on average a woman takes 15 minutes to choose an outfit on a weekday and 14 minutes on weekend mornings? All that adds up to about 287 days over her entire life rounding up women spend a year of their lives deciding what to wear.

No Alcohol

Whoever said that women shouldn’t drink alcohol like men might actually not be a sexist. It turns out that women have less tolerance for alcohol than men and we can blame this on enzyme that metabolizes alcohol and is deficient in women. We all know that alcohol can damage the liver the pancreas and the brain but you probably didn’t know that women are more susceptible to the toxic effects of alcohol so the next time someone tells you to go easy on the alcohol. Think about this before you call him a sexist pig which of these unusual facts about female surprised you the most.

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