6 Tips To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Mehndi Artist

Mehndi also is known as henna is one of the essential attributes of a wedding. Since ages, the custom of application of mehndi has been part of the wedding. Mehndi ceremony is considered as an indispensable part of the big fat Indian wedding. Mehndi is part of the solah shringar which stands for the sixteen steps of beautification. Finding its origin back to the time Vedas mehndi is said to be symbolic of love and purity. The darker the color of the mehndi the stronger is the bond of love between the couple.

Wedding is a myriad of rituals, ceremonies, and emotional outbursts.  Can you imagine a wedding or a bride without mehndi on her hands and feet? An Indian bride especially a Hindu one is deemed incomplete without mehndi. Are you planning to tie in Kolkata? You must be then in quest of top mehndi artist in Kolkata? The wedding market has a number of mehndi artist available from amongst the options selecting the ideal one is a tedious task. Are you confused about your choice? Wondering how to trudge ahead with the selection of the mehndi artist? Here are a few tips that would guide your search for a mehndi artist in the right direction.

1. Budget

Everything in the monetary world comes with a price tag. Wedding is an expensive affair and if not planned within a budget then it can burn a hole in your pocket. Setting a budget for a mehndi artist proves to be a necessity while planning for your wedding. A budget helps in leaving out chances of negotiation with the vendor for the final costing. Often couples in the desire to add uniqueness to the wedding and to separate it apart from the league go to extra lengths. Owning to this the couples end up spending more than what they intended to and are left debt-ridden. You defiantly would on want to embark on your journey to a happily ever after with debt on your shoulder. Having a budget enables you to curb over expenses.

2.  Research

The market has a number of mehndi artist and from them choosing the ideal one is a dainty task. Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion and you would want to settle for nothing but the best. So to get your hands on the best mehndi artist make a list of the available mehndi artist in the market. Filter out the ones that fall in line with your budget and fulfill your requirement. Ask for quotations from the mehndi artist, select the one who offers the best price and best service.

3. Experience

Experience speaks for itself. It’s your wedding and you would not want to risk out the trial and error method with mehndi by getting it applied by an amateur. For getting the perfect mehndi design you need to expert hands, you need to hire a professional mehndi artist. A professional mehndi artist being in the field since years would apply the mehndi in the perfect manner and also in the shortest span of time. An experienced mehndi artist would be better able to cater to your needs

4. Portfolio

You cannot judge the work of a mehndi artist simply by looking through their online profile. To ensure that the mehndi artist is worth the price meticulously go through their portfolio. A portfolio gives you an insight into the working style, work quality, previous work, clients served, market image, the market reputation of the mehndi artist.

5. References

How do you ensure that your mehndi artist is credible enough? Ask your mehndi artist to furnish you with 2-3 referrals received from previous clients served. Referrals and testimonials ensure the credibility and trustability of the mehndi artist.

6. Mehndi Style

The wedding market offers several designs and styles of mehndi to choose from. Prior to hiring a mehndi artist research about the various styles of mehndi. Select the one that suits you the most and compliments your wedding attire. Simplistic bridal mehndi designs have become a talk of the past. The wedding market has roped in quirky minimalist mehndi designs this wedding season.  So before contacting a mehndi artist select your design beforehand. Having an idea of the design that you desire enables you to better briefed the mehndi artist about what you're looking for. So these are a few tips that would put an end to your quest for a perfect mehndi artist

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