Famous Street Food in Agra

Famous Street Food in Agra: What comes to your mind when you hear the word Agra, and most people would say the Famous TajMahal a symbol of Love or some would say Agra fort or Tomb of Akbar. Even many might have an image that millions of people come to Agra to visit these places. But, you would be surprised to know that other than visiting this place, there are few things for which Agra is famous.

The rich heritage of this city given by the Mughals is not only a beautiful thing but the unique taste of some of the best delicious Street food of Agra which will surely create an impactful image in your mind regarding the food of this place. Many even might not know that Agra’s Street food is considered as one of the best Street food of the country by the connoisseurs.

After reading this, those who are in Agra right now or are planning to come to Agra in near Future, these are the suggestions for them to have the best street food in Agra.

A trip to Agra and if you don’t taste the famous Petha of Agra, then the trip will be considered incomplete. It is available in various types of mouth-watering delicious flavours. It is prepared from white pumpkin or ash gourd mixed with nuts. There are two varieties of Petha, one is dry and hard while the other is soft and a kind of liquid. People from all over the country who come to Agra never forget to have Petha before leaving the place.


Paratha a famous Mughlai Dish can be delicious for many people if once tried in Agra. Parathas are made from wheat with a variety of stuffing in it. The stuffing can vary from potatoes, cauliflower and even carrots according to the craving of the person. It is served with the best chutney and makes your taste buds relish it. It is considered one of the best breakfast dishes here.

Ram BabuParathaBhandar located in civil lines serves one of the best Parathas with a reasonable price in Agra.


Bhalla also is known as AlooTikki. It is a dish of fried and mashed potatoes mixed with various other Indian spices and chutneys which makes it one of the best mouth-watering dishes of Agra and it is best served hot. Don’t even dare to forget trying Bhalla’s in Agra, having it will be the best memory during Agra tour

Agra Chat house located at Sadar Bazar serves the best Bhalla of Agra do visit the place.


In food, people always like to try something new and different. So, for those people, Dalmoth is the best dish to try as it is crunchy, crispy and tasty. It is one of the best snacks that can be served with tea. People coming to Agra can try this amazing mouth-watering dish name Dalmoth with tea as snacks.

When you visit Agra, visit HariParvat Crossing and get this snack from there. Try it and feel the amazing taste of this snack.

Tandoori Chicken

All the Non-Vegetarian food lovers you might have tried Tandoori Chicken in many parts of the country, but the Tandoori Chicken served here in Agra once tried will make you forget all the places. The only thing you will be tempted to do when you visit will be having this dish again. The best time to have this dish is in the evening and then remembering it as one of the best Tandoori chicken you had in the lifetime.

Visit SadarBajar to try this delicious dish of Tandoori Chicken. Many other places in Agra also serves this dish.

Paneer Tikka

Like Tandoori chicken is the best dish for all the Non-vegetarians, Paneer Tikka is same for the Vegetarians. The Street of Agra serves some of the best Paneer Tikka to the Paneer lovers. Many people from other parts of the country come to visit Agra and take the taste of delicious Paneer Tikka with them in their taste bud.

PindBalluchi at TajGanj serves one of the best Paneer Tikka of Agra. Paneer lovers should surely visit this place if they come to Agra.


This might be a unique dish for a lot of people but Bedai is an important dish of breakfast in Agra. People of Agra love it. It is served hot with spicy potato gravy and it is also served with curd in Agra. You will surely relish this one. Have this as breakfast before heading to see the TajMahal.

Devarim Sweets and Restaurant serve the best Bedai in Agra. Head there for a wonderful gastronomical experience.


To all the sweet lovers, Jalebi is a blessing. It is a mouth-watering sweet found in many places of Agra and is voted as one of the best street food in the sweet category. It is sweet and favorite among people. Don’t forget to try Jalebis in Agra.


These were some of the dishes that are really famous in Agra. Make sure to try all of them to satisfy your taste buds.  

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